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Horizon Online Multiplayer Game Might Release on Mobile Among Other Platforms

A new cross-platform game is on the "Horizon".

Several screenshots and clips of gameplay from a game which is supposedly Horizon multiplayer title, that is currently in development by Guerrilla Games having to make the rounds online for a few days now. Now, a job listing by Guerrilla Games has hinted that the game might be released for multiple platforms simultaneously, including mobiles.

According to the job listing Guerrilla is looking for a Game Writer for an Online project. Some of the requirements specified are- “At least one shipped, narrative-heavy mobile or indie game, or at least one year at a AAA studio” and “Love for MMORPGs and online games”.

Horizon Multiplayer Game to have stylized graphics

Recently, over 12 minutes of footage of a game was leaked on Reddit. The footage is reportedly from a very early Alpha build of Horizon Forbidden West’s Multiplayer, from around the Summer of 2020. The leaked footage showed heavily stylized characters running in a test environment.

Horizon Online Multiplayer Leak, Horizon Forbidden West
Image Via Guerrilla Games

The adversaries and surroundings seemed more cartoonish than you may expect in the gameplay that was leaked. The “join PC” and “join PS4” choices were both visible in the video, indicating the possibility of cross-platform play whenever the game is released. Now, after the job posting, we may see it releasing for mobile devices as well.

There has been no confirmation from the studio, whether this is the same game that they announced in December 2022, which would have “a new cast of characters and a unique stylized look” according to their tweet. A VR game titled Horizon Call Of The Mountain has already been announced, it will be released alongside Sony’s new PSVR2 headset that will be replacing PSVR, which was launched in 2016.

The latest entry in the Horizon franchise titled Horizon Forbidden West was launched for both PS4 as well as PS5 on 18 February 2022. The game was well received by fans and critics alike, making Horizon one of Sony’s premiere franchises. Guerilla Games have already confirmed that they will expand and give players new experiences to enjoy in the world of Horizon.

What are your thoughts on The Horizon Franchise and multiplayer leak? Let us know in the comments below!

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