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Embers: Last Duel tier list for choosing the best heroes

Choose the best Heroes to save the world!

Embers: Last Duel, developed by Winway Entertainment Limited, is the newest entry to the open-world MMORPG scene. This is a world-saving hero versus the dark forces game with impressive 3d graphics and a firm storyline. All the heroes of Embers: Last Duel are available for free. There are not many characters in the game, so we will rank every hero according to tiers in Embers: Last Duel for the players to choose the best heroes. However, if you are still new to this game, make sure to check our beginner’s guide for Embers: Last Duel.

There are four hero classes in the game. They are – Knights, Mages, Archers, and Witches, and everyone has specific skills, roles, and playstyles. The above table is meant to help (mostly newer) players get a grasp on roughly what they can expect from each specialization.

Embers: Last Duel Class tier list

S (Strong)Glorious Knight
A (Good)Snow Queen
B (Average)Jungle Archer
C (Weak)Mecha Master

Embers: Last Duel meta-discussion

Here, we will rank all the heroes in Embers: Last Duel according to their strengths and abilities. They are judged and ranked according to their stats and skills. Going forward in quests, playing the strongest Hero is the main goal in any MMORPG. Also, being comfortable with your character is an important factor too. Success with them may vary based on skill, experience, roles, and team comps.


With that being said, Glorious knight is best for any kind of direct offensive attacks and has high HP too. This Hero specializes in quick melee attacks and has the right set of skills to lead from the front; in other words, the knight is a born fighter. With the highest damage impact on enemies, the knight is undoubtedly the best choice for beginners.

Embers last duel wallpaper,embers last duel guide,embers last duel beginners guide

Snow Queen

For someone who finds comfort in medium-range attacks, snow queen is the best option. With powerful magic spells, she stands as one of the strongest heroes of the game. She has high damage control and durability.

Embers last duel wallpaper,embers last duel guide,embers last duel beginners guide,embers last duel map

For those who prefer long-range attacks and a quick playstyle, Archer is the right choice. Despite having mobility as one of its strong sides, it lacks DPS. With its agility and a hefty amount of HP, it stands as a strong contender as one of the strongest heroes in the game. To have Archer as your Hero, you must have complete control over your enemies to keep your health in check.

What are your thoughts on our tier list on Embers: Last Duel? Let us know in the comments below!

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