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Divine W: Perfect Wonderland guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

A complete guide for the beginners

Divine W: Perfect wonderland is a perfect action role-playing game on mobile by Leniu Games. Gamers who love action games should definitely try this game. This game comes with a great storyline that attracts many gamers. In fact, animation and graphics are also the keys to making it a popular game. Leniu Games developed this game as a fantasy open-world game in which gamers can customize and make a story of their own. If you are a newbie to this game, this beginner’s guide will give an edge of clarity about Divine W: Perfect Wonderland.

Defeat bosses and advance through quests in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland

This is a fantasy open-world game that has a nice storyline. There are quests that you have to complete for getting rewards that will help you to develop your character. You have to defeat many bosses to level up further. You have to follow the quest section to go through the game and head to the storyline. There will be many classic cut scenes too.

divine w gameplay
Image via Leniu Games

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland: all available characters

By opening the game, you have to select your main character. The character can’t be replaced again after selection. There is a total of 9 characters in the game with different gameplay and playstyle. You can select according to the playstyle that suits you. From the character section, you can analyse the stats of the character. The radar shows the overall enhancement of the character which can help you to judge what kind of character you want in the game.

divine w character
Image via Leniu Games

The characters are:

  • Divine General
  • Taoist
  • Wukong
  • Seiya
  • Lowrie
  • Monk
  • Dragon Lady
  • Heavenly Dragon
  • Phoenix Plume

After selecting the character, you will head to the main storyline. Continue the walkthrough in the game. There will be cut scenes from the story explaining the character and the development of the sage.

Tips, tricks, and strategies for Divine W: Perfect Wonderland

1. Select between auto or manual battles

After you entered the game, you will be facing some battles. There are many types of battles such as normal battles in which you have to defeat some summoned enemies, the boss battles in which you have to defeat the bosses, the Warlord, and many more. Control your character and attacking abilities at the correct time and in the perfect situation to get an amazing walkthrough.

You can select the manual options for battles as the game also have the auto-battle option. So if you feel bored battling you can just watch battles.

2. Choose the best equipment to keep in your bag

The bag is the only option where all your gear and equipment are collected during the battles. When you open the option we can see many gears, out of which are equipped for your character.

divine w bag
Image via Leniu Games

There is also an option for selling items that you think are not useful to you. Or if you don’t want to sell you can feed the devour to gain some experience points to upgrade devour’s level. But there is a con if you feed the devourer you can’t feed dark metal gears and divine gears to it.

3. Train and increase your CP

divine w training
Image via Leniu Games

By clicking on the training icon, you can train your character and level up by gaining experience points and you can also assign up to four people to assist your character in training. You will also get rewarded. By training for the maximum time, you will gain more rewards.

Here is the detailed beginner guide to Divine W: Perfect Wonderland. New players can go through this for better clarity. There are many options in the game, so you can get confused about them. The game is a bit complex but with the help of this guide, you can easily walk through and clear all the levels efficiently.

What are your thoughts on our beginner’s guide about Divine W: Perfect Wonderland? Comment down below!

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