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Deadrop game: Everything we know so far

Dr Disrespect is leading the flag here

Herschel “Dr DisRespect” Beahm “launched his own gaming studio last year called Midnight Society and introduced its plans to make AAA games. Last year, Midnight Society also stated that they would be making a PvP game based on the Unreal Engine, and now they have unveiled Deadrop, earlier known as Project Moon. Deadrop is a PvP FPS game in which you can earn NFT elements by playing. Here’s everything we know about Deadrop.

Map information

Deadrop lobby
Image via Midnight Society

This snapshot shows us the first glimpse of player hideout, here players can grab a weapon and test it in three firing ranges. player hideout is a large interconnected space that will act as a pre-game lobby. Here’s a look at the map.

Deadrop map, dr disrespect
Image via Midnight Society

As the players drop into the tower, they will come across a weapons bench, which is the spawn location for weapons. as we go further there’s a transition space that takes us to interior range. interior range is a indoor firing range equipped with wooden targets with timed trials over short to medium range, this test helps in tracking several stats such as accuracy, location of hits and test completion time.

The indoor gun range is connected to the exterior range via a transition passage in between. As we head into the exterior range, we can see the highest section of the exterior range has many wooden targets with a slight emissive texture to increase visibility in stormy conditions. Just like the interior range, the exterior range also has a timed trial in which targets can be engaged at medium to high ranges. This trial is designed to test targets’ accuracy at a long distance and acquisition skills such as leading a moving target.

The lower section of the exterior range is filled with early Syn prototypes. These android husks have been repurposed into target dummies. They are dynamic and rise up based on how close the player is. The trial is triggered by the pressure plates built into the ground and it is designed to test the reaction speed and accuracy of a player at close to medium range. As we go further, we can see a vista with an overlook of the city, including the refiner during a heavy downpour and thunderstorm.

Deadrop map, dr disrespect
Image via Midnight Society


The Deadrop team is currently testing an assault rifle class weapon that has yet to be named. It features two switchable firing modes: fully auto and single shot, which can be toggled at any time. The gun comes with an embedded ammo counter that shows the amount of ammo in the magazine. To make matters more difficult, the developers have limited the weapon to iron sights, making long-range engagement more difficult.

How to join the beta for Deadrop

To participate in the first snapshot beta for Deadrop, participants must own an NFT from Midnight Society. Variants, or owners, can download the beta from the Midnight Society website. Specifically, interested gamers must have a Founder Access Pass. Because applications for the NFT series are presently closed, this initial preview will be available exclusively to Series 0 owners.

Deadrop Requirements

Minimum requirements for PC

  • Windows 10
  • 4.2 GHz i7-7700k
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 20 GB available
  • HDD space
  • NVIDIA GTX 1080

Deadrop is still underdevelopment but considering the leak of initial gameplay, People have conflicting feelings about the game; some think it looks bad, janky, while others think it looks stunning. Not to mention the high minimum required specs, which are extremely high when compared to most games. Deadrop has confirmed to have an Assault weapon and many under work for now, Deadrop also plans fully support Keyboard, mouse and controllers at initial launch.

What are your thoughts about Deadrop? Will the high spec requirements hinder its progress, or will it completely target a different audience? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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