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Deadrop: Gameplay videos from Dr. Disrespect’s NFT Shooter for PC have now surfaced online

Might be a new rival to Call of Duty

Towards the end of last year, Dr. Disrespect, a very known and respected streamer in the gaming community, announced the launch of his own AAA game development studio called Midnight Society and they started work on a game called DEADROP, which was a PvP Shooter with NFT elements. 

Deadrop game is being tested by content creators right now 

Now the development of the game is still ongoing and there’s no indication of when it’s going to be released right now but a lot of gameplay footage has come out and the opinions on it are quite mixed.

Now it’s important to mention that Guy himself confirmed that we’ll be seeing more of it in a month back in June and now we do have a lot of footage. He also talked about how the game is superior to anything built on the CoD engine, which was quite a big claim all things considered. 

The opinions on the game are quite divided, with many saying it looks very poor in terms of the graphics and janky while others say that on higher settings, the game actually looks impressive for being in the earlier stages of development. 

The NFT element is also getting heat because of many reasons including the current disdain for Non-Fungible Tokens and the state of the market. Now when they came up with the idea like many others, it might’ve sounded better all things considered but right now, there’s quite a bit of doubt. For more information, interested players can check out the official website.

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