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Crew 3 to be called Motorfest, revealed by data miner

Ubisoft's racing franchise might be revived by a new entry.

Recent datamines have revealed that the Crew series will be making a comeback after almost 5 years, and the new entry will be called “Motorfest”.

A recent Twitter post by data miner ScriptLeaksR6 confirmed that Crew 3 will be called Motorfest. This also validates the previous rumors about a new Crew game being in development at Ubisoft.

Crew 3 would be set on a Hawaii Island

According to a report by Insider Gaming, The Crew Motorfest was internally being called Project Orlando. The game is being developed by Ivory Tower and will be published by Ubisoft.

Other Images provided to Insider Gaming, that are not available publicly reveal that the game would be set on the Hawaii island of Oahu. Ivory Tower would be ditching their old engine in favor of a new engine for improved graphical fidelity. Project Orlando started its life as a DLC for The Crew 2 but soon outgrew its initial purpose and now is being developed as a standalone title.

The game will be part of Ubisoft‘s racing franchise The Crew. The first game released in 2014 was set in a shrunken-down version of The United States. The game had an always-online requirement and featured multiple activities for the players to help them earn credits and unlock new vehicles. The next game in the series, The Crew 2 released in 2018 and had a mixed reception due to the always-online nature of the game and the checklist of tasks that felt repetitive for some players.

The Crew 2
Image Via Ubisoft

Crew 3 will have a connection to Crew 2 in some form and players will be given a choice to import their garage from the previous game or start fresh. Fans will be hoping that this new entry brings some much-needed innovation that breathes new life into Ubisoft’s dormant racing franchise.

Motorfest is expected to be released on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC just like other recent Ubisoft titles

What are your thoughts on the The Crew Motorfest Leaks? Let us know in the comments below!

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