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CarX Street guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

Learn to be the best driver in the streets

CarX Street is a free-to-play open-world street racing game developed by CarX Technologies LLC. The game is the first of its kind on the mobile platform, where the players can explore a vast map and experience high-quality graphic gameplay. The game is available on iOS and Android devices and will be released soon for PC. In this article, we’ll discuss the beginner’s tips to guide the players to understand and perform better in CarX Street. To download CarX Street on your device, follow this¬†article.¬†

CarX Street is an open-world racing game where the players will have to explore the roads of Sunset City and participate in different types of races. The game is quite similar to Need for Speed, where the players will have to earn rewards by defeating other players in races in the night street of the city. With these rewards, the players will have to unlock and tune their existing vehicle to upgrade its performance.

carx street view
Image via CarX Technologies, LLC

If you are just getting started in CarX Street and want to learn the basics, you are in the right place! In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know as a beginner in CarX Street!

Understand the CarX Street map and the legends

CarX Street is set in the night street of Sunset City, where the players will have to move around the street of the city to race, refuel or upgrade their vehicle. The city has four different parts: Suburb, Midtown, Industrial Zone and Port.

Looking at the map, the players can find different legends which they can select to create a route to the spot or complete fast travel to the spot by spending silver. The legends are:

carx street map
Image via CarX Technologies LLC

House: House is used to store cars. There are slots for cars in each house, and the players can increase this slot if necessary. Players can purchase these houses all over Sunset City to store their cars and move around quickly.

Tuning Shop: The players can tune their car from the tuning shop, and they can upgrade the car’s body parts to increase its stats and ratings.

Painting Shop: The players can modify the bodies and paint their cars from the painting shop.

Gas Station: Gas is essential in CarX Street; players must always keep the required amount of gas for their vehicle to run correctly. Players can obtain sports gas from the fuel station, which will boost the car’s s power; Nitro is also obtained from the fuel station.

Choose the best-suited car for the race

The cars in CarX Street are divided into five different classes; other than these the cars are also divided into some other categories. Each of these types of cars is suitable for various types of races:

carx street showroom
Image via CarX Technologies LLC
  1. FWD or front-wheel drive cars are not suitable for drifting races.
  2. RWD or rear-wheel drive cars are multifunctional and can perform in multiple types of races.
  3. AWD or all-wheel drive cars are ideal for sprint and circuit races.

So, the players will have to select the best-suited car according to the race they will participate in. Other than these, the car’s powers are shown by its rating, and higher-rated cars have more chance to win a race than lower-rated cars.

Select the suitable control for you

CarX Street has two types of controls: Buttons and Accelerometers. The players will have to drive using buttons like in other mobile games through the Buttons controls, and the players will have to go to the car by tilting their device and using the gyro with the Accelerometer control.

carx street controls
Image via CarX Technologies LLC

If you are familiar with mobile racing games, then Accelerometer control will be perfect for you. The players will have to fix the sensitivity and linearity along with the angle, traction control and automatic transmission in the Accelerometer control.

Best beginner-friendly cars on CarX Street

Some of the best beginner-friendly cars that are easy to handle for players:

  • E86
  • ECL
  • M36
  • S18
  • Z37
  • CC6

Best tips for beginners in CarX Street

1. Explore, drive and earn silvers

Silvers are essential in every aspect of CarX Street, and Players can achieve them pretty straightforwardly. Players can move through the city’s streets, perform drifts and participate in races to earn silvers.

2. Upgrade your car for better performance

Upgrading your car means increasing the rating of your car. The higher the rating, the more chance that car has of winning. So focus on earning more silver and upgrade your car accordingly so that you can win more races.

3. Practice with new cars before racing

CarX Street is filled with various types of cars from three different driving categories. All these cars have unique stats and capacities, so getting acquainted with them is essential before taking them into a race is necessary.

What are your thoughts on the beginners guide of CarX Street? Let us know in the comments!

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