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Call of Duty Next 2022: Complete list of announcements

All the announcements at one place

Activision gave us a look at the future of the Call of Duty franchises in the latest Call of Duty Next 2022 event. A lot of announcements were made throughout the event. The show gave us the latest updates about Modern Warfare II, Warzone II, Warzone Mobile, and more. Here is a list of all the announcements made during the COD NEXT 2022 event.

Call of Duty Next 2022: Complete list of game announcements

1. Modern Warfare II

The event started with the most anticipated Modern Warfare II game. The game will feature addition of a lot of new features to the Call of Duty games. New weapon and gameplay mechanics, new weapons, new equipment, and new water mechanics. The game will also see the addition of Gunsmith 2.0. A brand new third-person mode is also coming to Modern Warfare II. The heartbeat sensor is back again with a new look.

The new equipment coming to Modern Warfare II will include a Tactical Camera, Shock Stick, Drill Charge, DDoS, and Inflatable Decoy.

The new gunsmith feature will allow the players to build their weapons more smoothly. The new weapon platforming will allow players to unlock universal attachments with the cross-progression system. Players can build their gunsmith in their own style to match their playstyle perfectly.

A new mode is being added to MWII, where players will fight in 20v20 combat. Their team will also include 20 AIs. It is basically a Deathmatch mode where players will need to eliminate their enemies in order to win the match.

Prisoner Rescue is another new mode where players need to locate hostages and get them out alive. No respawn or no revive will be available for the mode. It is mainly an attack and defends round-based mode. The attackers will work to get to the prisoners and get them out, while the defenders will fight to defend the two prisoners. Attackers cannot use their weapons while the prisoners are on their shoulders, rather they will need to use a secondary weapon. The defenders will then move to the zone and defend the prisoners from escaping.

Special ops will return to MWII as the third mode. The mode will focus on two players’ missions.

The developers are also bringing some changes to the maps of the game. The maps for the 6v6 mode will be more refined and straightforward in comparison to the last game. Sarrif Bay is a new 32v 32 map coming to MWII which is a small fishing town. The map will have a great mix of gameplay featuring intense urban combat. Mercado Las Almas is another new map coming to the 6v6 game mode which is a little street market in Mexico.

The early access to the open beta will start tomorrow. Players can pre-order the game from the official website.

2. Warzone 2.0

Al Mazrah is a new map coming to Warzone 2.0. The map features an expansive desert setting, a mix of industrial areas, towns, cities, and many more. Al Mazrah is going to be the biggest BR map ever in Call of Duty.

The map will feature a lot of POIs including the Fortress, Quarry, Rohan Oil, Observatory, Ahkdar Village, Al Mazrah City, Marshlands, Airport, Sa’id City, Sawah Village, Taraq Village, and Hydroelectric.

al mazrah
Image via Activision

All the new equipment added in MWII will also be integrated into Warzone 2.0. New vehicles and player mechanics will be added in Warzone 2.0. Players can refill their gas or repair their vehicle from the gas stations.

More logic will be added to the looting mechanism of the game. Healing items will be found in the cabinets of the rooms of the buildings. And loadout items can be found at specific chests that can be found at fixed places at the POIs. Toolboxes will contain grenades and other equipment.

A new circle mechanism is also coming to Warzone. There can be split circles around the map at the later stages of the game. The circles will then close down individually creating more micro battles throughout the map. In the end, the circles will merge at a specific place creating one circle.

An all-new Gulag is also coming where players will have an ally with them instead of being solo. They have to work together to defeat the enemies in Gulag in order to get out of there. DMZ, Call of Duty’s extraction mode will also arrive with Warzone 2.0 providing the players with a new sandbox experience.

Warzone 2.0 will be free-to-play for everyone from November 16 this year.

3. Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile will be bringing authentic Call of Duty experience to mobile devices. Warzone Mobile will bring a lot of new features to mobile devices. Players can complete contracts and use that cash at buy stations. The game will also feature a lot of abilities and strategies.

A total of 120 players will play in a single match, making it the biggest BR game on mobile. The developers confirmed that all the players will be real and live players and not boring bots.

Cross-progression will be supported for all the games of the franchise. The weapons and skins will also be the same as the MWII and Warzone 2.0. Warzone Mobile will also get exclusive game content only for the mobile version.

Pre-registration for Warzone Mobile is live right now. Android users can pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store.

What are your thoughts on the new games coming to the Call of Duty franchise? Comment down below!

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