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Battlefield Mobile weapon tier list for choosing the best weapon

Choose the best weapon

For Android devices, Battlefield Mobile has undergone a soft launch in a few regions. The game will be fully released in 2023, according to the developers, but players who have early access to it are thoroughly enjoying it. Battlefield Mobile is based on EA‘s popular first-person shooter game franchise. Battlefield Mobile, like all first-person shooter games, offers a variety of weapons to aid players in taking out enemies. One could find it challenging to select the right weapon when they first start the game. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed tier list ranking all the weapons in Battlefield Mobile to make it easier to choose the best gun.

Battlefield Mobile weapon tier list

S (Overpowered)QBZ-95-1LSAT338-RECONP226
A (Good)F2000G36CPP-2000CZ-75
B (Average)SCAR-HP90PKPM1911

Battlefield Mobile weapon tier discussion


The best weapons available to any player in a match are found in this S-Tier. These weapons are definitely capable of dealing your opponents a deadly blow. Particularly if you enjoy playing in full assault mode, where you don’t want to give your opponents a chance to breathe. Your assaultive gameplay is best served by this tier of weapons.

battlefield mobile qbz
Image via Electronic Arts

A deadly assault rifle, the QBZ-95-1 has a fire rate of 568, 25 damage, and 66 accuracy. Among all the assault rifles in the game, this one is also the simplest to handle. The light machine gun LSAT, which can fire a large number of shots at once, is another deadly weapon in this category.


The F2000 assault rifle, which has a higher firing rate than the QBZ-95-1 but less accuracy, is part of the B-Tier. The best use of this weapon is when you are engaged in lethal 1v1 gun battles with your adversaries. The G36C is a good carbine gun with a high rate of fire but low damage output. This gun is just as effective against one opponent as the F2000 is.

battlefield mobile lsat
Image via Electronic Arts

The PP-2000 is another excellent option in this category if you prefer to engage in combat with SMGs.


The weapons in this tier are generally less powerful than those in the top two tiers. These weapons are difficult to control and unable to render your opponents mortally wounded. The PKP is a good option in the game to select if you frequently use machine guns.

battlefield mobile pp 2000
Image via Electronic Arts

Other than that, the other weapons are not all that useful, unless you want to level them up or test your shooting prowess with every weapon in the game.

There are now only a few weapons in the game, but once it is released officially, there will be more. Players can use this tier list to destroy rivals and win games in the action-packed FPS Battlefield Mobile. Make sure to practice with all of your weapons before choosing the ones that will prove the most lethal in combat.

What are your thoughts on our weapon tier list of Battlefield Mobile? Comment down below!

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