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AutoChess MOBA hero tier list for picking the best heroes

The best heroes in AutoChess MOBA ranked

AutoChess MOBA is a 5v5 MOBA game that follows the basic features of a MOBA game. The game features an asymmetrical map that solved the lane complaints that most of the players made in the other MOBA games. All the heroes of AutoChess MOBA are also available for free. Everyone can unlock the heroes for free by playing the game. In this article, we will rank every hero according to tiers in AutoChess MOBA for the players to choose the best heroes in the game.

There are six classes of heroes in AutoChess MOBA. Each of the heroes of these classes has unique abilities, roles, and playstyle. The hero classes in AutoChess MOBA are Marksman, Mage, Warrior, Assassin, Support, and Tank.

The combination of all these heroes together in the game is very much essential for bringing out favorable results in the game. But again, not all heroes are strong enough to fit the role perfectly. However, if you are starting new, make sure to read our AutoChess MOBA beginners guide to get a headstart.

AutoChess MOBA hero tier list: Best heroes ranked

S (Strong)Egersis RangerDualplotDominator,
Sacred Lancer
Doom ArbiterSunchaser Shaman
A (Good)Space WalkerThe Source,
Flame Wizard,
Thunder Trace
Avenge Knight,
Skull Hunter
Tsunami StalkerTome Apprentice
B (Average)Dwarf SniperSoul BreakerGod of ThunderSwordman,
Sunchaser Servant,
Redfox Swordsman
Redaxe Chief,
Warpwood Sage
C (Weak)Sky BreakerGrimtouch

AutoChess MOBA meta discussion

There are not many heroes available in AutoChess MOBA to choose from. But yet, every hero has their own stats and abilities. The heroes are ranked in the tiers and judged according to their stats and their abilities.

The role of each hero or class in AutoChess MOBA is very important to win in the game. For that reason, it is mandatory for players to unlock the strongest hero according to their suitable class and master it in the beginning. Each class in AutoChess MOBA has a specific task and lane of its own. Playing with the correct hero in the correct lane and role might have a massive impact on the result of the game.

autochess moba egersis ranger
Image via AutoChess Moba

There are not many marksmen available in AutoChess MOBA. From the available marksmen, Egersis Ranger is the best choice as a marksman in the game right now. With very high damage and attack speed, Egersis Ranger can also slow down her enemies with her Egersis Power. She is also very easy to learn for beginners.

AutoChess MOBA is yet to see a debut of an overpowered Assassin. Till now, all the assassins in the game are still not up to the mark as an assassin. On the other hand, Dualplot is one of the best mages in AutoChess MOBA and also one of the best heroes in the game right now. His high damage, durability, and ability effects make him the best mage choice in the game.

autochess moba avenge knight
Image via Autochess Moba

Dominator is a good choice as a warrior. Dominator also excels in AoE damage with the help of his sword teleport. For the tank class, Doom Arbiter will be the best choice due to his decent durability, damage, and ability effect. Sunchaser Shaman is the best support hero in AutoChess MOBA with his higher ability effect.

What are your thoughts on our tier list on Autochess MOBA? Let us know in the comments below!

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