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AutoChess MOBA guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

Learn all the basics of the game

AutoChess MOBA is a unique 5v5 MOBA game with an asymmetrical map that ascends the tactical dimension to a new level. All the heroes in AutoChess MOBA are available for free for all the players, which makes it easier for beginners to have a nice start to the game. AutoChess MOBA follows all the basic features of MOBA games, with a few exceptions. In this article, we will give the best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners in AutoChess MOBA.

AutoChess MOBA heroes and roles

There are six types of hero classes in AutoChess MOBA. Each of the hero classes has a unique role of its own. Each hero has four kinds of abilities that they can use during the battle. All the heroes are distinguished separately according to their classes based on their abilities. The classes are:

  • Tank
  • Marksman
  • Warrior
  • Support
  • Assassin
  • Mage


autochess moba tank
Image via AutoChess Moba

Tanks in AutoChess MOBA work to take the incoming damage on themselves to reduce the damage done to their teammates. Tanks have relatively higher HP than most other heroes in AutoChess MOBA. They can absorb the incoming damage from the enemy team and create a perfect opening for their teammates to escape or heal. Tanks generally roam around the map to provide support to their teammates.


autochess moba marksman
Image via AutoChess Moba

Marksmen are the ranged warriors in AutoChess MOBA. They have a comparatively high range of attack, they excel in mostly ranged fights due to their set of abilities being the best for that. Although they have lower HP than most other heroes. Marksmen are one of the strongest heroes in the later stages of the game. Marksmen generally take the base or upper lane because they are more dependent on their equipment or EXPs.


autochess moba warrior
Image via AutoChess Moba

Warriors are the heroes in AutoChess MOBA who are strongest in melee combats. Warriors are the experts in closed combats. Their set of skills is the most suitable for taking close-range fights against a group of incoming enemies.


autochess moba support
Image via AutoChess Moba

Support heroes are not damage-based heroes. They are more or less concentrated on providing healing and support to the team from any incoming damage. Support heroes work best with tanks for providing the strongest defense to the team during any need. Support characters also roam around the map providing defense to their team.


autochess moba assassin
Image via AutoChess Moba

Assassins are one of the highest damage dealers in AutoChess MOBA. They have high attack and damage stats, making them one of the strongest heroes in AutoChess MOBA as well. Assassins are not specifically assigned to any lane, as they can take on enemies from any lane without any difficulty. Assassins generally work to kill the creeps in the jungle and earn more EXP in the early stage of the game.


autochess moba mage
Image via AutoChess Moba

Mages are slow damage dealers. Most of the mages are comparatively weaker in the early stage of the game. But as the game goes by, mages become the strongest. They have versatile abilities including crowd control, burst damage, etc.

Best beginner-friendly heroes in AutoChess MOBA

  • Upper Lane: Egersis Ranger, Swordman, Dominator.
  • Mid Lane: God of Thunder, Flame Wizard.
  • Base Lane: Doom Arbiter, Avenge Knight.
  • Roam: Sunchaser Shaman, Sunchaser Servant.
  • Support: Warpwood Sage, The Source

On a side note, if you looking for the best heroes, make sure to check this Autochess Moba tier list.

Types of items in AutoChess MOBA

Items are the most important thing to keep in mind for the heroes. Items used during the game can heavily affect the result of the game due to their effect on the hero’s abilities and powers. Choosing the best item is always essential for being the best on the battlefield. Like other MOBA games, AutoChess MOBA also features a lot of items and they are categorized according to their types. Here are all the types of items that are available in AutoChess MOBA:

  • ATK items
  • Ability items
  • DEF items
  • Flash items
  • Feature items

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners in AutoChess MOBA

1. Understand the map

Understanding the map is the most essential thing to do as a beginner. In AutoChes MOBA, the map is asymmetrical, which maintains a level playing field between the heroes of each lane. There are three lanes on the map: upper lane, mid lane, and base lane.

autochess moba map
Image via AutoChess Moba

A separate class of heroes is suitable for each of these lanes. Understand the lanes deeply before choosing a hero.

2. Choose the suitable hero

As a beginner, players cannot learn all the available heroes or classes in the game. Choose one hero that fits your playstyle perfectly and learn the abilities of that hero in detail. Each hero has a separate playstyle as well as a separate objective in a game.

Find out the best hero for you along with the best-suited class for you as a beginner in AutoChess MOBA. For example, tank heroes generally roam around the map and provide a defense to their teammates. While warriors engage themselves the most in battles due to their skills being more efficient for such circumstances.

3. Choose the best items for your heroes

As mentioned above, items are very much essential for having a favorable result in the battles. The attack, defense, and many other stats of the heroes greatly depend on the items that are being used. Find out the best-suited item for your heroes according to their classes. Equip your heroes with suitable items to get the best result from their abilities.

For example, marksmen heroes have comparatively low health than other heroes. Equipping the marksmen heroes with DEF items will increase their defensive abilities. Players can also build several builds of one specific heroes by changing the items.

4. Don’t waste the bushes

In AutoChess MOBA, healing is a really important factor during any combat. Players can normally heal using the bushes throughout the map. It will be wise for players not to waste the bushes and heal themselves unnecessarily. Use the heal from bushes only when necessary to make the best use of it.

5. Increase your advantages by killing creeps

autochess moba creep
Image via AutoChess Moba

Different creeps and minions are spawned around the map throughout the game. Kill the creeps and minions to receive extra EXP and gold. EXP will help the players to level up faster, and unlock their abilities faster. While gold will help the players to buy more equipment during the match increasing the base stats of their heroes.

What are your thoughts on out beginner’s guide for AutoChess MOBA? Comment down below!

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