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Arena of Valor hero tier list for picking the best heroes

The best and meta heroes in Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor (AoV) is a free-to-play 5v5 mobile MOBA game developed by Tencent Games. The game has over 100 heroes for the players to select from and form a balanced team for the game and fight against the opponents. So in this article, we’ll rank the heroes in a tier list to find out who are the best heroes in Arena of Valor.

The game has six different classes of heroes: Mage, Marksman, Assassin, Warrior, Support, and Tank. Heroes from these classes have their unique abilities and playstyle. Arena of Valor is a team game, and the perfect combination of the hero picks is essential to winning a match in the game. This guide will discuss the best heroes for your AoV team for the perfect combination of heroes and their skills to give your team an advantage over your opponent.

aov gameplay
Image via Tencent

Arena of Valor (AoV) hero tier list

Overpowered (S+)Lorion, ZataCapheny, HayateKeeraRiktor, YanTeemee, Zip
Strong (S)Ignis, Krixi, Raz, YueEland’orr, Laville, VioletButterfly, Kriknak, Paine, QuillenFlorentino, Lu Bu, Maloch, Omen, Ryoma, Veres, Wonder WomanAya, KrizzixBaldum, Thane, Xenial
Good (A)Aleister, The Flash, Ilumia, Lilliana, TulenBrunhilda, Elsu, Fennik, Moren, Slimz, Tel’Annes, The Joker, YornAoi, Bright, Nakroth, ZillAiri, Allain, Arthur, KilGroth, Qi, The Superman, Tachi, ZukaChaugnar, RouieGrakk, Omega, Y’bneth
Fair (B)Lauriel, Azzen’Ka, Diaochan, DIrak, Jinnar, Kahlii, Mganga, Marja, PreytaThorne, ValheinMurad, WukongDextra, Rourke, Skud, Zanis, ZephysCresht, LumburrMina, Ormarr
Weak (C)D’Arcy, Natalya, Sephera, VeeraLindis, WispThe Batman, EnzoAstrid, Errol, WiroAlice, PeuraMax, Taara, Roxie
Poor (D)IsharAmily, ArduinAnnette, GildurArum, Toro

Arena of Valor meta discussion

The best Slayer Lane heroes in Arena of Valor are currently Riktor and Yan from the warrior class. They can take on opponents easily while soloing in the slayer lane with the help of the team’s tank. The strongest tank class heroes in the game are currently Baldum, Thane, and Xenial.

The best pick for the mid-lane is the strongest Mage class heroes like Lorion, Zata, or Krixi. They can support their team on the other lanes and flank the enemies when required.

The marksman and support heroes are the perfect picks for the Abyssal Dragon Lane. Hayate or Capheny can take on the opponents in this lane with the support of TeeMee or Zip. They can also support any team fights in any of the lanes. Marksman can be deadly with valuable items from the store in the later phase of the game and can easily take on the entire opponent team in the Abyssal Dragon Lane.

The best Jungle lane heroes in the game are currently Keera, Butterfly, or Kriknak from the Assassins class hero. They can take down the jungle monsters to farm gold and XP for the team and initiate attacks in any of the lanes for their team.

arena of valor
Image via Tencent

A well-balanced team with the perfect combination is a must for every competitive match in the Arena of Valor. Picking the best heroes for the team is essential because that will complement your team’s pick and counter the opponent’s pick in terms of skills and abilities. In this article, we have summarized all the heroes according to their roles to give you the perfect idea about the most substantial pick for the current game meta that can help you easily win the match. And we hope that it was useful for you.

What are your thoughts on the Arena of Valor tier list? Comment down below!

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