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Arcana Twilight: Anime game tier list to pick the best character

6 Gorgeous characters are there for you!

Games that give users a chance to explore the secret side of the characters have always been famous in the community. Arcana Twilight: Anime Game does the same, but with it comes the end of the world scenario where everything gets way more interesting. The game features 6 sorcerers in the amazing realm of Arcana Twilight, this role-playing dating otome simulation game definitely one of the best out there. And in this Arcana Twilight: Anime game tier list article we’ll see who are the best ones to pick.

It all begins when the sky comes falling down and it’s the end of the world, the main character is left with only 6 sorcerers in the world looked after by the constellation. The main character will be responsible to give the sorcerers power at the Kantel School of Magic, and turn them into passionate magicians. In this process, the other side of all six sorcerers will be discovered by the players and their secrets will be revealed. 

Players can call and text the characters they love everyday, in addition to this they can gain intimacy by completing daily quests which will allow them to go on dates. The game features exciting card reveals with high quality illustrations that are immersive.

Arcana Twilight: Anime game, Arcana Twilight: Anime game tier list
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The Gacha system also allows players to purchase items for character development. Apart from this, players can also participate in card battles to defeat the monsters and become the master of the game.

Arcana Twilight: Anime game all characters

  1. Sirius: the first wizard of the Canis major who loves to party and have fun.
  2. Alpheratz: the first wizard of the Andromeda and the lazy genius who is an absolutely charming sorcerer.
  3. Arcturus: the first wizard of the Bootes and the gentle guide who can do anything for the ones he loves.
  4. Pollux: the first wizard of Gemini who is a little mischievous but loves you with all his heart.
  5. Spica: the first wizard of Virgo and the sensitive perfectionist who protects and helps the ones he loves at all costs.
  6. Vega: the first wizard of the Lyra who has immense willpower, but he doesn’t use it until and unless he is forced to do so. 

These are the six sorcerers available in Arcana Twilight for players to connect and build intimacy with, these sorcerers will also help players win card battles.

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