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Age of Mythology Retold: Overview, release date, system requirements, and more

The popular game is back with its own definitive edition

Yesterday, Microsoft came forward with the announcement of a definitive edition of its popular game from the Age of Empires franchise called Age Of Mythology. The information was disclosed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Microsoft and Relic Entertainment’s super popular game Age Of Empires at an event that took place yesterday. Following Age Of Mythology: Extended Edition, Age Of Mythology: Retold is the game developer’s second attempt at making a definitive edition of the well-known game. In this article we’ll see every information that is available for the game.

Age of Mythology: Retold – Overview

Age Of Mythology is another take on the popular game Age Of Empires and is made from a different perspective altogether. The original version of Age Of Mythology was released back in the year 2002 to widespread acclaim and players cited the game as being amazing.

Unlike its parent title which focuses on real-world historical situations to build the game, Age Of Mythology put its eyes on different forms of mythology such as Norse, Greek, and Egyptian mythology.

In this game, you take on the role of a God hailing from one of the above-mentioned popular mythologies and participate in raids, sieges, etc. as part of an RTS campaign. The vibrant and colourful nature of the game further contributed to the game’s success which it is still enjoying to this day after so many years.

System requirements


Pre-order and pricing


Age Of Mythology Retold release date


Platform availability

As per information available now, Age Of Mythology: Retold is going to be available on PC and on Xbox console(s) given that the game franchise is owned by Microsoft which is also the maker of the Xbox series.

Final thoughts

This definitive edition of the fan-favorite game has been long overdue ever since the developers released the definitive editions of the other games in the franchise, that is, the other Age Of Empires games.

Age of mythology retold
Image via Microsoft

Now that the new version has already been announced yesterday, it remains to be seen if it will match the expectation of the players and the high bar set by the original 2002 Age Of Mythology game. But till then we can only hope for the best and wait to see how the game turns out before we make certain comments on it.

Are you excited about Age of Mythology Retold? Let us know in the comments below!

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