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World Eternal Online announces alpha test: Here’s how to participate

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World Eternal Online, an upcoming mobile MMORPG game, announced its first alpha test. It’s a blockchain game which is part of a new genre of games that focuses on play and earn experience. Players are invited to slay raid bosses and conquer territory in this ever-changing world. This game’s economy is driven by gathering resources, looting resources and crafting with the same.

World Eternal Online alpha test requirements

For alpha the developers will be sending out invitation in waves:

  • They will be selecting from their whitelisted users
  • They will inform them over discord
  • To verify, players can check their inventory on their website

How to participate in alpha testing of World Eternal Online

The word alpha indicates that the game is still in heavy development. The developers of the game will invite a small number of players from the ones who participated in alpha testing of the game. These players will help the developers clarify the game and give them feedback before they open it up to more players.

World Eternal Online, World Eternal Online NFT
Image via World Eternal Online

The players willing to participate in alpha testing of the game have to do the following:

  • Go to their website
  • Click on SIGN UP FOR BETA
  • A new pop up will appear asking the players to enter their email address
  • The player must enter their email in the specified writing space and click Sign Up

This will redirect the players to another website saying “Thank you for signing up” for our closed beta mailing list as shown in the image below.

WIth decent games like World Eternal Online, blockchain gaming can potentially develop into something great in near future. The free and open marketplace for gamers, and other users and with cryptocurrency and NFTs flowing blockchain can be the next most big thing in gaming.

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