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Wild Arena Survivors is Ubisoft’s new Battle Royale game for mobile devices

Ubisoft is finally entering the battle royale genre on mobile.

Ubisoft’s latest free-to-play battle royale game Wild Arena Survivors is now available for Android and iOS. After a failure in Hyper Scape, Wild Arena Survivors marks Ubisoft’s new take on the battle royale genre. In addition, the game marks Ubisoft’s entry into the mobile battle royale genre, where many top competitors already exist. The game has been in soft launch for a while, and Ubisoft finally released the game officially on August 30th. The publishers also released a cinematic launch trailer of the game for today’s release.

Participate and win in the violent games of the Wild Call Festival

The game is set in a vibrant but isolated island where players from different regions of the world come to experience a life changing cultural festival called ‘Wild Call Festival’, hosted by a wacko criminal billionaire. Soon the festival turns into a survival race, where the players have to fight against each other to be the last one standing.

wild arena survivors gameplay
Image via Ubisoft

As if it was not challenging enough, the players also have to fight and defeat wild animals attacking them during their journey for survival. The survivors will have to explore the island in their journey and collect supplies and look for treasure chests.

The game follows the typical Battle Royale traits

Wild Arena Survivors is not a shooter game; the battle royale game has a mixture of MOBA gameplay. Players will get a Third Person Perspective (TPP) but with a top-down view inside the game. They will have to select a survivor from the ten unique survivors with unique abilities, play the survival game against 39 other players, and survive a 10-minute fast-paced battle royale match.

wild arena survivor horse
Image via Ubisoft

At the start of the match, the players will have to select a survivor and just like in any other battle royale game; the players will have to choose a specific part of the map to jump. After landing, they will have to start collecting supplies, kill the wild animals and defeat the other survivors to win. The players can also level up their combat abilities and upgrade their equipment after every match through the resources collected.

The safety zone is the same as other battle royale games, a circle of deadly gas slowly narrowing down the map until the last surviving player stands. Players can move around or even escape by riding the horses available on the map. Survivors will have to fight against each other using their unique load-outs and skills; each survivor will have a different playstyle and backstory.

There are sniper-type survivors, melee type with a shotgun, melee with riot shields and many more. Upgrading the survivor’s equipment through the collected resources will give the players an advantage over their enemy due to more effective weapons and playstyle.

There are two game modes available in the game: Solo for the hardcore survival lovers and Duo for the ones who love to lead their team to victory. Ubisoft has already promised to add new game modes to the game in the future.

Wild Arena Survivors have had a silent release

Despite the date being announced for Ubisoft Forward, an event where the publishers will reveal their future projects, the sudden release of its first mobile battle royale game, “Wild Arena Survivors’ was kind of a surprise to the fans. It was clear that Ubisoft didn’t have any particular marketing planned for the release of this game.

The game also seemed very buggy and non-polished at the time of release, which might be the reason of Ubisoft not trying to create any hype about the game. Considering Ubisoft’s previous failure in a Battle Royale game, many speculate that Wild Arena Survivors might not last very long. The game is available for free on Google Play Store and AppStore.

What are your thoughts on the newest battle royale game Wild Arena Survivors? Don’t forget to comment down below.

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