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unVEIL The World is NetEase Games’ new tactical hero summoning RPG for mobile

Complete exciting challenges and ascend to the top

NetEase Games and Shueisha Games jointly announced their new project unVEIL the world at the Tokyo Game Show 2022. unVEL the world is a single player tactical hero summoning RPG based on an epic story centering a tower and few characters. The characters carry out different challenges given by the tower throughout the game. Players will unravel several mysteries around the world throughout their journey in the game.

Experience a wondrous and epic adventure in unVEIL the world

The story of the game is set around a young girl named Yuta Lassica, who suddenly gazes upon a gigantic tower piercing the clouds. Various mysterious portals around the tower leads to countless worlds. For a lot of days, the girl took up the challenge in her mind to reach the top of the tower. This is a challenge that no adventurer could ever complete. Players will take up the role of this girl and set into an epic journey to reach the top of the world by facing all the challenges.

Yuta Lassica is not the only intrepid traveler attempting the feat of climbing the tower while suppressing her many emotions and thoughts. Posuka Demizu created a cast of extremely distinctive characters, and the tale they tell is still a mystery.

Posuka Demizu, a well-known manga artist and illustrator who was tasked with illustrating the well-known Weekly Shnen Jump book The Promised Neverland penned by Kaiu Shirai, created the characters for unVEIL the world. We will now present original illustrations and computer graphics for Yuta Lassica, the young girl who serves as the story’s protagonist. The PV that was released along with this announcement also features the graphics, which faithfully mimic the characters made by Posuka Demizu.

unVEIL the world will be available on iOS and Android platforms. However, the release date of the game was not revealed yet by the developers. For more information about the game, keep an eye on the official website.

What are your thoughts on the new game unVEIL the world? Let us know in the comments!

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