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Time Raiders: Gtarcade’s adventure-MMORPG starts open beta this week

Become a legend, or get buried trying!

YOOZOO Games and Gtarcade to release its first eastern-styled MMORPG titled Time Raiders as an open beta for Android and iOS on October 13, 2022. And to commemorate this launch, there will be plenty of celebration gifts across all of its social media handles.

Explore uncharted territories in Time Raiders

The universe of Time Raiders features stunning 3D graphics and a sizable underground realm to explore. Blademaster, Gunslinger, and Sage are the three possible classes, and each has a distinct playstyle that players can select from.

Recruit people to your clan, rear devoted animals, and call forth brave allies to stand at your side as you battle the evil that dwells in the shadows.

Time Raiders, Time Raiders pets
Image via Gtarcade

Battle the most terrifying of animals, find ancient wealth, and authenticate relics while engaging in combat. If you dare, enter the Undead Lair to find a bevvy of terrifying creatures guarding the most priceless of artefacts. The quality of the loot will increase with monster level!

You can activate artefacts found in Time Raiders’ unique Artifact Codex. Special artefacts will grant you various attributes, and completing artefact collections will increase your power even further!

In addition to the extra features, these artefacts contain a rich, profound culture. With each artefact you discover, you’ll learn something new!

Become a legend, or die trying! On October 13th, you will be able to enter this vast and mysterious world. If you are interested, head over to Google Play and iOS App Store to pre-register now.

What are your thoughts on Time Raiders? Let us know in the comments below!

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