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The new Xbox home UI for 2023 looks modern with a focus on discoverability

Xbox have revealed how their 2023 UI is going to be like!

As per recent news, Microsoft Xbox is currently testing a new user interface for Xbox home or dashboard which is set to be released sometime in the year 2023. The upcoming changes are currently accessible in very limited early access (Skip-ahead Alpha build) which has given us a scope to criticize and discuss the improvements which could be made to it.

What’s new in the upcoming 2023 Xbox home UI

As we can see, the top row is now occupied by the most recent games or apps that you have opened, titled “Jump back in”. It has removed apps like Settings or Microsoft Store from appearing on this row as they could be quite easily accessed from the Home user interface.

This is a positive step towards the development of this window as Xbox users have been demanding for a long time for Microsoft to make a less cluttered Home User Interface(UI) on the Home Screen. Although this still does no justice for the different backgrounds and wallpapers in the console that still get blocked by the UI.

xbox 2023 home UI, new xbox dashboard
Image via Tom Warren

The main section in this early access is also much less cluttered and has only two tiles reserved for ads instead of the existing three. Below this section, there is a dedicated section that features games from Xbox Game Pass which have arrived recently and are fresh. The issue here is that these features disable you from customizing the home screen to your liking anymore.

This video does a good job of highlighting the changes and classifying the ones which are favourable and differentiating them from the negative ones.

But currently, in the present setup, one could customize the settings and rearrange the home screen as per their choice and make it more personalized. But it should be mentioned that this could be subject to change as the features are still in early access and could be changed later on.

The users of the Xbox UI have been demanding a rather simplistic UI that is decently customizable as per their choices. Concept arts made online show that the users desire an Ui which focuses on their personal tastes, such as their own pinned games and their chosen wallpaper for the background. These could provide valuable insights for Microsoft and they could tailor the upcoming Xbox home as per the demands and gain cookie points for that.

Final thoughts

We should keep in mind that this is only an early testing phase of the new Ui which is set to roll out in the year 2023. Therefore, there is still ample time left for Microsoft to make changes and who knows if it ends up being exactly what the users have demanded and want? Thus, we could say that the desires of the users are being handed on a silver platter to Microsoft and it is high time they utilize it for their own interests.

What are your thoughts on the new Xbox home for 2023? What change would you like to see implemented? Let us know in the comments below!

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