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Sony files a patent for a Cloud Gaming pass-through device that can be integrated with streaming devices

Sony is trying to come into cloud gaming space

In developments that have happened over the last couple of hours, Sony has reportedly filed for a patent that will allow multiple streaming services to serve as a platform for cloud gaming of PlayStation games. The features of cloud gaming allow the developers of games to bring their games to a very wide array of devices that would otherwise not support the games. Some examples are Xbox making the Game Pass available via Samsung TVs.

What does the patent mean for PlayStation players

Sony patents cloud gaming pass-through device, Pass-through device patent by sony
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By filing for the aforementioned patent Sony is looking to develop a “pass-through device for cloud gaming” which will allow several streaming services to get involved with it and expand into Sony’s idea of a cloud gaming system for a more efficient gaming experience in the future. It indicates that the development of a sort of stick device is in the works, which will allow players to play their games on the TV without needing to connect it to a PlayStation console first.

The device will have extended compatibility with the likes of Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, etc. which will make the games more easily accessible to the average player. Although the development of this new device would not be the first time that Sony has attempted to make moves in order to get into the cloud gaming niche.

Sony’s currently discontinued PlayStation now services allowed players to stream older retro games via the modern consoles without any hassle to procure older ones. This initiative of Sony to make moves in the world of cloud gaming has come in the light of many of the company’s biggest rivals taking similar steps and implementing the required measures.

Best cloud gaming services in 2022, cloud gaming, Xcloud, Geforce Now, Amazon Luna
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For example, there is the already discussed Xbox Game Pass is available on Samsung TVs, Amazon Luna which allows users to stream games from the website’s online platform, and the Nintendo Switch as well. Thus, it is understandable that Sony does not want to be left much behind and is rightly trying to keep up with the current pace of affairs.

Final thoughts

If the plan which Sony has come up with goes their way then we will be no doubt looking at a very successful and popular initiative that will only make their games more popular. But it should also be kept in mind that cloud gaming is a rather tricky venture, and it remains to be seen how Sony will go through with it being one of the most experienced companies in the field out there.

Are you excited about this? Have you tried any cloud gaming services before? Let us know in the comments below!

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