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Best Cloud Gaming services in 2022-23

Be ready for the best cloud gaming experience!

Cloud gaming itself is such a fascinating concept, being able to play games without buying any $300-600 hardware is what every gamer dreams of. However, watching Google Stadia crumble in front of us might’ve made it a little less compelling, doesn’t it? Well, that’s precisely why in this best cloud gaming services in 2022-23 article we’ve prepared a list of Cloud Gaming services that are performing from pretty serviceable to very well.

How does cloud gaming work

Information on cloud gaming is still a little cloudy for many gamers as it has the potential to be either the future of gaming or a really niche service. Basically, you buy a subscription-like any other streaming service to get access to it.

You can play games via either a subscription of games or in some cases such as GeForce Now you can use your games from steam. The inputs you provide on your controller will travel to a supercomputer that’s actually playing the game and the result will be streamed to you via the internet on whatever screen you’re using regardless of specs.

Best cloud gaming options in 2022

There are a healthy number of cloud gaming services are available in the market however, all of them aren’t good enough or lack in the variety department however we’re here to let you know the best of the bunch.

1. Xcloud

Best cloud gaming services in 2022, cloud gaming, Xcloud, Geforce Now, Amazon Luna
Image via Techstory

This one is the most cost-effective method and brings in the most variety, however not in the most eye-pleasing way. Xcloud is free to everyone who owns a Game Pass Ultimate subscription. This one of course includes all of the games on Game Pass and can be played on any device with an internet connection and a screen. However, if you’re in a country where Xcloud is not supported then don’t worry we’ve got you covered as well with a special trick to run Xcloud in our how to run Xcloud article.

2. GeForce Now

Best cloud gaming services in 2022, cloud gaming, Xcloud, Geforce Now, Amazon Luna
Image via Forbes

GeForce Now is one of the best-running cloud services out there. GeForce Now offers customers 3 tiers of subscriptions, supports all your games from steam, and also can be played on their own SheildTV set-top box, PC, Chromebook, chrome browser, or any android with 2GB ram or so.

TiersCostPlaytimeSpecification (GPU)Resolution (With FPS)
Free Tier$0.00 1 hour/day
(Wait during peak times)
GTX 1060 equivalentVariable
Priority Tier$8.99/ month or $49.99/ 6 months6 hours/dayRTX 2080 equivalent
( With ray-tracing)
1080p at 60FPS
RTX 3080 Tier$19.99/ month or $99.99/ 6 months8 hours/dayRTX 3080 
( With ray-tracing)
1440p gaming at 120FPS

3. Amazon Luna

Best cloud gaming services in 2022, cloud gaming, Xcloud, Geforce Now, Amazon Luna
Image via Andriod Headlines

Amazon Luna offers a different kind of service than the others on this list, it’s cloud gaming but it’s completely free with Amazon Prime and you get access to 5 games every month. However, there are 5 paid subscription options known as “Channels” that give you access to different types of games along with the free tier.

ChannelsCostNumber of games ( As of now)
Prime Gaming$0.005 different games each month
Family Channel$5.99/month51 games
Retro Channel$4.99/month82 games
Luna +$9.99/month123 games
Ubisoft +$17.99/month40 games
Jackbox Games$4.99/month10 games

Bottom line

Cloud gaming is still very much in its preliminary stages but the services we’ve mentioned in this Best cloud gaming services in 2022-23 article are the most probable to get the best cloud gaming experience available to you, granted you do have a decently reliable internet connection that doesn’t imperil your gaming experience too frequently.

What are your thoughts on our list of best cloud gaming services? Let us know in the comments below!

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