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Google Stadia refund procedure guide

Get your refund before Stadia shuts down

Google has recently announced its decision of shutting down its consumer cloud gaming service, Stadia. The cloud gaming service, which embarked on the journey of providing cloud gaming service will discontinue its service on 18th January 2023. Due to the discontinuation of service, Google has offered refunds and some other facilities for the players. In this guide, we have covered small details we have till now on the Google Stadia refund process.

Items and services for which Google Stadia will process a refund

Google has announced refunding the users who had purchased stadia hardware. The customers will get a full refund if they have purchased any of the following hardware.

  • Stadia Controller
  • Stadia Founder’s Edition
  • Stadia Premiere Edition
  • Watch and Play package
Google Stadia refund procedure
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It is also made clear that customers don’t have to return the hardware to be eligible for a refund. They will be contacted by their associated email for further instructions related to the refund procedure.

Google Stadia is shutting down on January 2023

The service will continue to be in operation until 18th January 2023. So until that, players will be able to utilize the service to the fullest as they did previously. They can also transfer their save files to the respective platforms to make sure they can start from where they left off. Ubisoft has also stated that they will allow users who have previously purchased games on Stadia to transfer them to the PC version via Ubisoft Connect for free.

Google has already disabled its Stadia storefront so that players can not make any purchases from the store. Any customer who has done any in-game purchases and has purchased any games from the Stadia store will be given a full refund.

The exception of this refund system would be the Stadia Pro subscription which will not be refunded. However, it will allow any active subscriber to keep access to the service without any charge till the shutdown period.

google stadia cyberpunk
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Until now, Google has not provided an exact timeline for the refund procedure to complete, it expects to complete the majority of the refunds by mid-January of 2023. The refund will be done by the original payment method used by the users to complete purchases.

Google will send updates related to the refunds, so make sure to follow up with your associated email for more info. The process might vary a little because of different regulations in different regions, but this would be the method used by Google. However, purchases of hardware done by other stores such as Best Buy will be eligible for the refund or not. But it is expected to get a clear statement from Google about it.

We hope that this guide about the Google Stadia refund procedure will be helpful for you. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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