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Asus reveals ROG Raikiri Pro, an Xbox Controller with an OLED screen

Features stacked controller coming for Xbox and PC

ASUS announces their first ever Xbox controller named ROG Raikiri Pro, which is set to release later this year. Previously there have been other third-party controllers for Xbox, but what makes the controller special is that it is fitted with its very own OLED Display. Another speciality is the controller’s Tri-mode connectivity feature which allows it to connect to PC.

This versatile controller was revealed by ROG at CES 2023 and caught the most limelight amongst all the other gaming gear announced by them.

ROG Raikiri Pro: Specs and Features

Raikiri Pro has a whole stack of features fitted in it, and the most notable among them would be the OLED Display fitted at the top. The OLED display will showcase Charging and Mic status, Bluetooth pairing, Profile switching, and Text animations. Also, the OLED Display is completely customizable, meaning users can add their own custom images, animations, or texts via Armoury Crate. The OLED display has a dimension of 1.3” with 128 x 40 resolution and 2 grey levels.

The Tri-mode connectivity in Raikiri Pro contains Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4 GHz RF along with a wired USB-C. This feature allows users to connect it to both PC and Xbox.

The four left, and right rear buttons of the controller are functioned to be used as keys for complex in-game commands. They can also be used to adjust joystick sensitivity.

ROG Raikiri ProROG Raikiri
ConnectivityConnect to Xbox consoles with wired​
Connect to PC with wired, RF 2.4Ghz or Bluetooth
Connect to Xbox consoles with wired​
Connect to PC with wired
Additional buttonRear buttons x 4, OLED control button x 2
(programmable in Armoury Crate)​
Rear buttons x 2​
(programmable in Armoury Crate)
OLED1.3” with 128 * 40 resolutionNone
ROG raikiri pro layout,raikiri pro
Image via ASUS

The controller controls can also be customized. Users can use an app named the Armoury Crate(Controller needs to be wired to access this mode) to customize controls according to their play style, such as remapping buttons, adjusting OLED display settings, selecting controller profile, and setting up low-battery alerts for wireless mode.

The controller weighs 330g and has a Dimension of 103(W) x 64(H) x 155(L) mm. The controller has a built-in ESS DAC for immersive audio and a 3.5 mm analog port. It is also fitted with a mute button.

How to buy ROG Raikiri Pro Controller

The ROG Raikiri Pro will be compatible with Windows 10, Windows 11, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

For now, ASUS has not listed them for sale, however, it is expected to be available for purchase soon. Interested fans can also visit ROG’s official website for a more thorough look at the product.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Xbox Controller ROG Raikiri Pro? Let us know in the comments!

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