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The Godfather: City Wars launches on Android and iOS

Make the streets yours

In The Godfather: City Wars, PlaySide Studios’ most recent adaptation of a well-known brand on iOS and Android mobile devices, empires are ripe for the plucking. Players can become members of the Corleone family and help them spread their criminal empire over New York and Las Vegas. The game is already live and available globally for Android and iOS.

Join Don Corleone and make the streets yours in The Godfather: City Wars

In The Godfather: City Wars, players will join the Corleone family from the classic The Godfather movie to build and flourish their empire over their rival factions. The game offers players the option to engage in action-packed turf wars, construct and improve the family mansion, and earn extra cash with special capos. Players can use their skills to destroy competing families with their wit and ruthlessness.

the godfathers city wars city
Image via PlaySide Studios

The Godfather: City Wars, which was created by PlaySide Studios in collaboration with Paramount Pictures and Paramount Consumer Products, also incorporates a Godfather tale that is officially licensed into the script of the original film and includes fan-favorite characters and settings.

the godfather city wars characters
Image via PlaySide Studios

Adapting The Godfather to mobile devices was not something we took lightly, so our team set about researching the book and film in order to create something that felt authentic. We wanted to put players in the handcrafted Italian shoes of a member of the Corleone family as they are called upon by Don Corleone himself to expand the family’s empire and take its turf wars to the next level,’ said Gerry Sakkas, CEO of PlaySide Studios.

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