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The Callisto Protocol: Release date and time according to different countries

Get ready to set foot on a desolate space prison

The Callisto Protocol is an upcoming horror survival game mixed with a healthy dose of action thrown in. Developed by Striking Distance Studios, Callisto Protocol takes place in the same universe as Dead Space and somehow allegedly even PUBG. Krafton and Striking Distance Studios have confirmed the release time of Callisto Protocol however, the release time may vary due to your geological location and that’s precisely why we’re here with a carefully curated list to find out when Callisto Protocol would be accessible in your respective country in this Callisto Protocol Release time according to different countries guide.

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Image via Krafton

The Callisto Protocol has taken the gaming community by Strom by its trailer, and sheer connection to the long closed pages of Dead Space, so naturally when the release date is as close as 2nd December gamers are bound to wonder about when they’re gonna have their hands on the much awaited Callisto Protocol in their respective countries on PC, Xbox and PS5.

Callisto Protocol global release time according to different countries

The Callisto Protocol is set to release on 2nd December 2022 at 12 am GMT as recently revealed by the developers at Krafton. However, the time might differ according to your local time so here are all the release time of Callisto Protocol according to local time of different countries.

CountryLocal Launch Time
AustraliaDecember 3, 10.30 am
BrazilDecember 2, 9.00 pm
ChileDecember 2, 9.00 pm
FranceDecember 3, 1.00 am
IndiaDecember 3, 5.30 am
JapanDecember 3, 9.00 am
MalaysiaDecember 3, 8.00 am
MexicoDecember 3, 6.00 am
MyanmarDecember 3, 6.30 am
New ZealandDecember 3, 1.00 pm
PhilippinesDecember 3, 8.00 am
RussiaDecember 3, 3.00 am
Saudi ArabiaDecember 3, 3.00 am
SingaporeDecember 3, 8.00 am
SlovakiaDecember 3, 1.00 am
South AfricaDecember 3, 2.00 am
South KoreaDecember 3, 9.00 am
SpainDecember 3, 1.00 am
ThailandDecember 3, 7.00 am
TurkeyDecember 3, 3.00 pm
United KingdomDecember 3, 12.00 am
United StatesDecember 2, 7.00 pm
VietnamDecember 3, 7.00 am

This brings an end to this Callisto Protocol Launch time guide according to different countries, hope this article helps you to manage your expectations on when you’ll be able to access the much-awaited Callisto Protocol. Be sure to check out our review when it’s out.

Could you find the launch time for your respective country? Let us know how you feel about the upcoming launch of The Callisto Protocol in the comments below!

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