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Terra Invicta: A new strategy game from the makers of XCOM to launch this September

Explore the space and fight aliens

The creators of XCOM 1 and 2’s popular Long War mods, Pavonis Interactive are releasing a new epic sci-fi grand strategy game called Terra Invicta. The game will be launching into Early Access on PC on September 26th, 2022.

The story of the game is set when an unexpected breach in the solar system occurs by some extraterrestrial forces. Unable to develop a united resistance, the people of the world divides into different factions, each with their own philosophy. In order to prepare for the ultimate battle to determine the fate of humanity, players must take the helm of one of these organizations and make the most of each member’s special strengths in the war for control of Earth’s resources.

Fight against extraterrestrial forces to maintain human supremacy

Players must compete strategically for the control of the nations and resources of the globe in the campaign’s initial geopolitical chess game on Earth. Players will consider the advantages and disadvantages of their choices as faction leaders, but how they obtain the upper hand is entirely up to them.

terra invicta gameplay
Image via Pavonis Interactive

From then, players must assemble resources and allies before launching orbital stations, outlying bases, and space fleets into space to continue the battle. Players must get ready for the impending wars as they begin the process of populating the Solar System.

Confrontation is inevitable, even with the entire Solar System at hand. An army of alien invaders wants to take over Earth, while on the other hand, long-standing interhuman disputes reach into the cosmos. Players will construct armies of armed spaceships and devise tactical theories using alien technology and human cunning.

A realistic simulation of Newtonian physics has been used to design the combat system, where momentum is just as important as firepower. As the invasion grows globally, increasing extraterrestrial activities on Earth will force people to make challenging decisions.

Terra Invicta launches into Early Access on September 26th for $39.99/€39.99/£34.99. Wishlist the game on Steam and prepare for the conflicts that lie ahead.

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