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Tank Company: 15v15 tank battle mobile game by NetEase Games launches today

Battle against enemies with realistic war tanks

NetEase Games have announced the soft launch of their new 15v15 tank battle game Tank Company which is now available for android users. Tank Company is an online multiplayer game where players will have to team up and equip themselves with realistic tanks and artilleries to beat their opponents. Teamplay and strategy will play a key factor in this massively multiplayer tank shooter game, as players will have to play different roles like support, long-range snipers, and others.

tank company tanks
Image via NetEase Games

Fight with Tanks in the MMO tank shooter Tank Company

Teams of players will battle to outmaneuver each other on the battlefield while trying to eliminate their enemies in Tank Company, which features massive real-time combat on historical maps with genuine tanks and artillery.

In the massively multiplayer online tank shooter Tank Company, players can choose from more than a hundred tanks that are modeled by actual Cold War and World War II military vehicles. In upcoming updates, Tank Company will increase the number of tanks from various nations on its roster.

Players can choose from five different tank types: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled artillery. Each has significant combat advantages. These range from light vehicles with thin armor that can shield their allies from injury to speedy tanks that can dodge enemy fire and scout the battlefield. Tanks can serve as support units, long-range snipers, and other roles in Tank Company, allowing a variety of team compositions and combative strategies.

tank company
Image via NetEase Games

In Tank Company, players will be competing against a large number of enemies at once, but they also have to worry about other players and their own tanks. Some of the maps in Tank Company are based on areas where some of history’s most illustrious battles were fought, and their sizes can reach 1 million square meters.

These include sweltering deserts, snow-covered cities, and deserted factories, each of which presents unique difficulties for commanding the battlefield. In tank fights, the terrain is a crucial element, and players must take it into consideration while making plans because it can affect their mobility or offer them crucial cover from enemy fire.

Players in Tank Company go through the ranks, beginning with the most basic Tier 1 tank until they reach the powerful Tier VIII tank, which has the strongest stats and armaments in the game. There are other game types in Tank Company as well, including a “Hide and Seek” option where stealth is essential and a “Low Gravity” mode that makes the vehicles much lighter.

The major gameplay modes in Tank Company involve 15v15 mass-battles between teams of tanks. In Tank Company, there are many various ways to have fun. Groups of friends can even create their own tank platoons and cooperate to win.

tank company map snow
Image via NetEase Games

The graphics and attention to detail in Tank Company are among its most amazing features. The tanks and their weapons have been accurately recreated, and the vast landscapes have realistic lighting and shadow effects that can be seen on mobile devices. To provide players with the most immersive experience possible during combat, the developers plan to continue improving the game’s performance over time.

The incentives from the successful pre-registration event that took place prior to the game’s launch will be available to the new players who are joining Tank Company for the first time. Players will be able to get a special Pre-launch Avatar, Premium Account (1 Day), 100,000 Silver Coins, 5,000 Global EXP, and 10 Controllable EXP Bonus (X3) items starting on September 15 if they log in for two days in a row. These goods will help them start their career as a tank commander.

Fans who played Tank Company during its open beta test have already praised it, and this helped the game take on its current form. Players from all over the world are eager to hop behind the wheel and conquer the battlefield. Tank Company is currently available for download through the AppGallery and Google Play Store.

What are your thoughts on the new game Tank Company? Let us know in the comments!

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