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Superpower Squad is a new Pay-to-Earn RPG shooter out now on Android and iOS

An action packed experience with NFTs

f you’re tired of the slower TCGs, turn-based and other such genres which are staple genres for P2E gameplay, then perhaps Superpower Squad might interest you more. Superpower Squad is primarily a MOBA-type game although to be more specific, it gets into the Battle Royale Shooter genre with RPG elements. Although the description of the game talks about the game having a unique concept that combines shooting and casual RPG, we’ve seen such titles before. 

Be the last one standing, collect gems, shoot zombies and do more with a bird’s eye view 

Superpower Squad, Superpower Squad NFT
Image via Superpower Squad

That being said though, the game is still a decent-looking title with a bunch of interesting elements. It features a bunch of different characters with superpowers and players take on enemies in the Battle Royale mode or in Gem Mode which has teams of 5 collecting gems.

All of this is presented from a top down view, kind of like games like Golden bros. Along with this, players can also shoot down zombies and jump into usual deathmatch battles. Another cool feature is how the game can be played in horizontal and vertical orientation. 

Coming to the main talking point of this game though, it operates on the Binance Smart Chain and although the game is free to get into, paying does get you better rewards. As one of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the official website mentions, buying NFT heroes instead of sticking to the free ones will net extra rewards. Players can download the game on both Android and iOS.

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