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Summoners War: Chronicles will release on PC and mobile this November

The most awaited prequel is finally releasing

The highly anticipated cross-platform MMORPG prequel to the series, Summoners War: Chronicles, will debut in North America this November on PC and mobile platforms, with console to follow, according to Com2uS, the series’ famed developers. Summoners War: Chronicles achieved the top spot in Korea’s Google Play Store and Apple App Store charts after its August 2022 launch, showing potential for its upcoming regional launches.

Summon monsters and fight the mysterious foes

Summoners War: Chronicles starts off much earlier than what happens in the previously released games, Summoners War: Sky Arena, and Summoners War: Lost Centuria.

The game’s five distinct maps—the Rudelin of the green grassland, Tesca of the scorching desert, Ayah of the red, yellow, and night forest, Flurence of Wintera, Rukurangma of the volcanic canyon, and a brand-new dungeon called White Shadow Castle Wall—allow players to explore a variety of environments and mysteries.

saummoners war chronicles gameplay
Image via Com2us

Players will be able to send out over 350 distinct creatures with five different qualities using their summoning abilities. The monster can only be awakened if the player has reached specific milestones, and its look and abilities will change depending on its qualities.

The player’s approach to putting together the best mix of monsters for each scenario will be the essential aspect of gameplay and the reason for Summoners War: Sky Arena’s success for more than 8 years.

On mobile and PC, players will engage in real-time combat while participating in a variety of single-player, co-op, competitive, and open-world play styles (Kingdom Expedition, Two Types of Ascensions, Field Event, Party Dungeon).

Players who join a guild have the option of making gift requests or shopping in the guild store. Voice chat is supported in-game to promote improved guild member communication. Players will also be able to delve into the rich backstories of the beloved creatures from Summoners War for the first time ever.

Summoners War: Chronicles platform availability

Summoners War: Chronicles is a free-to-play game that initially supports cross-platform play on PC, Android, and iOS platforms before becoming accessible on Xbox. Google Play Games, Google’s PC gaming platform, will have Chronicles available, giving players throughout the world a fun cross-platform gaming experience on PC and mobile. Players can pre-register for the game on the official website of Summoners War: Chronicles.

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