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Stranded Alien Dawn: Gameplay details, System requirements, and more

New survival game on its way!

A brand-new survival game known as Stranded: Alien Dawn, was announced recently at Gamescom Opening Night Live (ONL) 2022. This game is about a group of survivors who have ended up on a beautiful planet, which is filled with dangerous and life-threatening aliens. This game is developed by Haemimont Games, who are also popular for a previous game known as “Surviving Mars”.

Stranded Alien Dawn: Gameplay Details

The game is about a group of survivors who have crashed on an unknown and beautiful planet after their spaceship has caught on fire. After landing on the planet, they saw many peaceful animals with horns and bodies like elephant walking and grazing around the field on which they crashed. Meteors were crashing on the planet far away and it looked beautiful. Although, not everything looked beautiful. Players got a graze of the horrifying and dangerous alien life in a cave far from them, which is set out for them at the end of the trailer.

Stranded Alien Dawn gameplay, Stranded Alien Dawn trailer
Image via Haemimont Games

The players will have to salvage resources and make themselves a base to survive, eat and stay. Players will also have to fight dangerous alien life around them and make them go away or even eliminate them. The planets changing and unpredictable weather are also a big threat to those survivors. Not only weather change, but there are also many unknown diseases that can spread in the different atmospheres of the planet.

Players will also have to hunt different animals and cook to eat food. As of the trailer, it was shown that the only weapon that the people got is a very long spear with a sharp metal head, it will be basically used for hunting. Survivors have to search for fruits and different food items. They have to provide heat and light to grow plants and provide some comfort to other players.

Stranded Alien Dawn: System Requirements

Stranded Alien Dawn gameplay, Stranded Alien Dawn trailer
Image via Haemimont Games

There is no such information regarding the system requirements of the game at this point. It will be announced before the early access of the game, set to begin on October 2022. Many players are waiting eagerly for the game to release. The developers are also working on the game to finish it as fast as possible and make it available for everyone to play.

Stranded Alien Dawn: Release Date

During the time of Gamescom 2022, it was announced that the players will be able to play early access to the game in the month of October, this year. The game will be launched for PC initially. Other than that, there is no information right now about the game releasing on any other gaming platforms. This game is being developed by Haemimont Games, who are also known to have worked on projects and games in the Tropico franchise and Surviving Mars.

The publisher for this game is Frontier Developments. The publishers have not yet revealed the date in the month of October. The game is now available for players to wishlist on Steam.

What are your thoughts on the new gameplay trailer of Stranded Alien Dawn, announced during ONL gamescom 2022? Let us know your thoughts below.

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