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Soccerverse rebrands to Soccer Manager Elite

Veteran of the gaming industry joins the organization's newly launched brand.

Soccer Manager Elite (SME), a massively multiplayer online soccer management game powered by the Xaya blockchain and based in London, has changed its name to Soccerverse. Soccerverse Ltd. will be responsible for developing Soccerverse. As part of its most recent project, Soccerverse has joined the team with Andrew Gore, a veteran of the video gaming industry.

Soccerverse is a hybrid game that combines a football management simulation on the blockchain with a DeFi-style game where clubs and players create DAOs and fractionalized NFTs in which players can hold shares. Players can suggest and elect team managers and player agents using those shares.

The upcoming plans for Soccerverse Team

The Soccerverse team is now working on finishing a brand-new browser-based user interface for desktop, mobile, and tablet computers. With the new brand and legal entity, the team will be creating, guiding, and promoting the game in collaboration with its userbase. The game will undergo a transition from the Xaya blockchain to the Polygon blockchain by the end of July, giving it access to a sizable ecosystem of prospective consumers.

Image via Soccerverse Ltd

Andrew Colosimo, the co-founder of Soccerverse and creative lead at Xaya, comments on the most recent changes, saying, “What we’ve done with SME is lightyears ahead of what most people think of when it comes to blockchain games. Simply put, Soccer Manager Elite does not accurately represent what it is or where we intend for it to go. Soccerverse is a much better moniker.”

The team only gets stronger

Andrew Gore, a seasoned expert with more than 20 years in the sector, is joining this new effort. With titles like FIFA, Need for Speed, Soccer Manager Worlds, the Soccer Manager series, and many others, Andrew has developed video games and football management games for more than 20 years. The business also intends to continue hiring people in the upcoming months.

Interested people can further view the current version of Soccerverse, by visiting the official website here.

What do you make of the re-branding and the addition of seasoned professionals to this new soccer title? Let us know in the comments below.

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