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Skinamarink: Release date, cast, plot, and more

Warning: this movie is not for faint hearted and minds.

The horror genre is nothing new when it comes to movies. Since childhood, we are exposed to many scary stories and movies and in many cases, we grow up getting addicted to the thrill and the heart-pounding joy of watching horror movies while turning off the lights, alone in the room. This movie, Skinamarink, should definitely be on your watchlist if you are this type of person.

Movie NameSkinamarink
DirectorKyle Edward Ball
ScreenwriterKyle Edward Ball
StarsLucas Paul, Dali Rose Tetreault, Jaime Hill, Ross Paul
Distributed byAMC Networks
Production CompanyMutiny Pictures
Release date13th January 2023

Skinamarink is like a nostalgic story from childhood

Skinamarink tv
Image via Mutiny Pictures

Two siblings, Kaylee and Kevin wake up one night to find out that their father and all the objects in their house are missing including the doors and windows. It seemed like something was following them around the whole time and the only source of light in their house was the light from their television.


The cast of this movie is relatively new in the movie industry. The siblings are young actors who debut in this movie, the actor who plays the role of the father is the real-life father of young actor Lucas Ross and Jaime Hill is still a new face seen only in a few movies like Grotesque (2022) and Frankenstein Mobster (2022).

Image via Mutiny Pictures
Lucas PaulKevin
Dali Rose TetreaultKaylee
Jaime HillMom
Ross PaulDad

Skinamarink official trailer

Skinamarink breaks through the limitations of the traditional horror movie tropes and even in the 2 minutes long trailer it manages to capture the darkness and unsettling feeling in the film.

Trailer of Skinamarink

Release date

The movie Skinamarink is scheduled to be released on the 13th of January 2023 and later this year in Shudder. It first premiered on 25th July 2022 at the 26th Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal.

Where to watch

Skinamarink will be released to watch in theatres across all countries and will be available on the horror streaming site Shudder later this year.

According to a famous movie critic C.H. Newell, “Skinamarink is a slow, nightmarish walk through a vivid sensation of nostalgia, reminding adults what it felt like to be afraid of the dark, even in the comfort of one’s own home.”

This horror movie is a compilation of childhood nightmares when nonsensical things made sense and the dark was a living creature that was always ready to hunt when the lights went off. The camera angles and fine cinematography shows how distorted the world was for the young minds and how those corridors and hallways of their home felt somewhat unfamiliar.

Are you excited to watch Skinamarink? Want to know about any other horror movies? Let us know in the comments below!

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