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Shiba Eternity: Shiba Inu’s upcoming CCG will arrive on Android and iOS

A collectible card game by Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu announced back in November 2021 that they were working on a CCG game, Shiba Eternity, in collaboration with Playside Studios, the creators of Dumb Ways to Die 2, and now, on Shiba Inu’s two-year anniversary, they have finally revealed the name of the game, as well as the availability of the game on both Android and iOS.

Shiba Eternity will be an original game and not a clone of any other game available in the market as confirmed by the developer William volk in an AMA by watcherguru. the game will come with one thousand unique SHIB – themed cards.

Shytoshi Kusama the lead developer on Shiba Inu also dropped a teaser of the game on Twitter, the tweet show a level 3 card called “Get in position”. The card does two things according to its description, either gives target friendly fighter 2 attack power or gives target friendly fighter stealth.

Shiba Eternity Release date

Shiba Inu has an eight-month deal with Playside Studios, which was signed in January 2022. According to the contract, the game should have been released by July 2022, but today’s announcement states that they will be releasing the game’s beta soon, so assuming all goes well, we may expect a global release by the end of this month.

Shiba Eternity, Shiba Inu CCG Game
image via Shiba Inu

Play to earn aspect of game

As the game’s features are yet unknown, it is uncertain whether the game will contain a play to earn aspect with NFTs or if it will be a casual game without any of those. However, its very unlikely that the game will not have blockchain elements since Shiba Eternity is coming from Shiba Inu.

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