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Sex Education: Every cast member who is not going to come back for Season 4

What does this mean for the future of Sex Education?

Sex Education has come up as one of Netflix‘s biggest hits of all time. It is now all set to come back for its 4th season, but it looks like a lot of the major characters won’t be joining back the show anymore. Sex Education has gained popularity, because millions of teenagers could relate to it from all over the world, because of its rich and intriguing storyline. Many new characters have got introduced over time and every fan grew attached to them, but, now it looks like several of them would not be coming back for the next season. Let us take a look at all of the actors, who are not a part of the Sex Education Season 4 cast anymore.

Sex Education: Four actors who would not return for Season 4

Rakhee Thakrar as Emily Sands

Rakhee Thakrar is leaving Sex Education
Image via Netflix

The most recent exit from Sex Education has been that of Rakhee Thakrar who played the part of the understanding and progressive English teacher, Emily Sands. She has been seen to help students both in their academics and personal life and also helped and influenced Maeve to pursue her dream of a good college. She has appeared in a total of 17 episodes in a span of three seasons and the actress herself has confirmed that she would not be returning for Season 4. She could not provide us with a reason as to why she didn’t rejoin the cast.

Tanya Reynolds as Lily Iglehart

Tanya Reynolds is leaving the cast of Sex Education
Image via Netflix

Tanya Reynolds, who plays the most quirkiest and unique character on the show, Lily, has also confirmed that she is not going to return to the show. Lily’s character first revolved around her discovering her sexuality and accepting her true self. Her relationship with Patricia Allison’s Ola has been adored by millions and has been one of the main selling points of the show. She has also confirmed that the reason that she has to leave the show is that her character has been written off by Netflix.

Simone Ashley as Olivia

Simone Ashley is leaving the cast of Sex Education Season 4
Image via Netflix

Simone Ashley’s Olivia has been part of the Untouchables group in Moordale who are known in the whole school for their great fashion choices and sass. She has been the first to announce her exit way back in April stating that she’s part of the hit show Bridgerton now when asked about her future on ITV’s This Morning. Her character was a typical mean school girl who later used to come to Otis for advice which humanized her and the hatred from the fans towards her reduced and now the character will be missed on the show.

Patricia Allison as Ola

Patricia Allison is leaving the cast of Sex Education Season 4
Image via Netflix

Patricia Allison’s Ola has been a major character in Sex Education throughout all three seasons. She had a relationship with Otis, before her father and his mother started dating. She started dating Lily too and in the last season, they welcomed a baby into their family. All of this proves that she has a very diverse storyline in the show and her absence will surely be noticeable. The reason provided by the actress for her departure was that she wanted to pursue other projects and that’s why she couldn’t be a part of the show anymore.

What does this mean for Sex Education Season 4

The show’s main cast including Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, and Ncuti Gatwa are all going to appear in Sex Education Season 4. Therefore, the main storyline of the show will most probably remain the same, even though many popular characters are not going to be a part of it anymore. In some ways, the trims from the cast might be a good decision, as it was getting difficult and sometimes lengthy to provide each one of them with their own story. The plot was shifting away from the main story.

The cast of Sex Education
Image via Netflix

The question that remains is how will the showrunners explain the departure of so many characters. The most probable reason seems to be the closing of Moordale in Season 3 and the makers could use this as the perfect reason, as to why the gang is not together anymore, as everyone might have shifted to different locations and schools. But all of us will have to wait till the release of Sex Education Season 4 to find out how much these changes affect the show for the better or the worse.

What are your thoughts on the exit of these stars from Sex Education? Let us know in the comments below!

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