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Settlement Survival, a challenging city builder game is launching for PC

Cozy building meets natural disasters

Settlement Survival, a low-poly city-building game, will debut in version 1.0 on October 24 on PC. The Banished-inspired constructor has seen significant updates to its breadth and depth since it launched on Steam a year ago, following a tremendously successful Early Access phase. Settlement Survival provides a ton of depth and complexity when it comes to maintaining your settlement, as seen by an outstanding new video that shows the catastrophes players may encounter. Build, assemble, and create the ideal town, but be ready to die as tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and diseases decimate your populace.

Build your own city and maintain it in Settlement Survival

Settlement Survival allows players to manipulate the landscape, manage limited supplies, plant crops, hunt wildlife, gather resources, and develop trade routes; players are given complete creative freedom to build their dream settlement however they like. Settlement Survival offers challenging gameplay for hardened city-building enthusiasts or cozy risk-free creations thanks to its fully customizable procedural options.

settlement survival screenshot
Image via Gleamer Studio

The location of the colony, the creation of the surrounding terrain, and the design of the settlement are all up to the players. To establish the tone of their community, create housing, manage crime, and make sure that the baby-boom generation doesn’t negatively damage their resources, they will hire mayors.

Players will need to pay attention to the early warning signs if they’re to survive. The game includes special maps, seasonal weather cycles, and natural catastrophes that have a direct impact on the city and its residents, from torrential rain and severe snowstorms to tornadoes and fires.

settlement survival screenshot
Image via Gleamer Studio

They may choose to ignore the warning signals and fortify their folks far from danger, or they can do both and risk losing everything they have built up.

Every experience is different and has its own difficulties since every map is randomly created, even down to its resources and landmarks. When players have mastered commerce, uncommon blueprints present an opportunity to further personalize their colony by offering potent effects, distinctive themes, and styles. Trade is essential whether trading highly valued works of art, raw materials, or opening the mint to produce a common currency.

Settlement Survival official release date

Since it entered Early Access, nearly every aspect of the game has undergone significant modification. As a result, Settlement Survival now has seasonal events, a fresh user interface, and an improved trade balance. The ultimate product is a city builder that may stump even the most seasoned builder due to its levels of intricacy, creative flexibility, and customization.

Available now on Steam and officially launching into 1.0 on October 24th, those eager to learn more about Settlement Survival can join like-minded builders over on its official Discord.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming low-poly city builder game Settlement Survival? Comment down below!

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