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Scars Above: Release date, gameplay details, system requirements, and more

Enter a sci-fi world filled with aliens

Scars Above made an appearance in the 2022 gamescom Live Night, a Sci-fi third-person action game which includes exploration of a new world filled with Alien lives. The game’s story is a journey filled with action and horror, various dangerous alien entities will be met in the path of the journey which the protagonist has to eliminate to keep surviving.

Scars Above takes the players to a futuristic world

The game introduces a pyramid structure of some kind of alien ship floating over earth. “Scar” which stands for Sentient Contact Assessment and Response team went to investigate the Alien structure. Instead it somehow teleported them to another planet. Then it shows a female character “who is going to be the protagonist of the game” waking up on a different planet with a different atmosphere and surroundings like floating pillars, stone mountains and ruins like structures.

The planet also has plants grown over a few structures and land similar to the earth. The players must find their lost crew and survive the planet, simultaneously explore the whole planet and discover various things which will help them in making new gadgets and weapons.

scars above gameplay
Image via Mad Head Games

The players will have to craft different items and weapons and save their stamina for their journey, it is necessary to keep the stamina in mind when they are running or fighting or it will result in running out of stamina when actually needed the most. They will also be able to use various attacks related to elements on that planet.

There will be a lot of strong and powerful alien who lives around the planet which the players have to fight using the weapons and gadgets they have crafted and defeat them on the go. There are also a lot of ruins and dungeons for the players to explore and find valuable items from them, but keeping it in mind that there will be a lot of dangers surrounding them.

Bosses will appear and will become stronger as the game approaches further, defeating a boss may require a lot of stamina and good upgraded weapons which the players must grind and make. The gamers will have to keep in mind that there will be dead bodies of humans and aliens present in the game which is marked as mature content.

scars above gameplay
Image via Mad Head Games

Scars Above: System Requirements for PC

Minimum system requirements

  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • DX: Version 12
  • OS: Windows 10, 64-bit
  • STORAGE: 20 GB available space
  • RAM: 16 GB RAM
  • DX: Version 12
  • OS: Windows 10, 64-bit
  • STORAGE: 20 GB available space

Other than this there is no other details available about what CPU or Graphics card is required to play the game. Hopefully, in the future it will be announced as well by the developers.

Scars Above: Release Date

The game was first said to be released in 2022 sometime but it was delayed and they made the announcement to release it in 2023. Other than this there’s no information about the exact release date about the game. There’s gonna be more information made available as the release date gets closer. Gamers can add the game to their wishlist in Steam.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming game Scars Above? Comment down below!

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