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Sandbox builder RoboCo is launching for PC on November 3

Build robots to serve humans

The RoboCo robotics sandbox game will be out on Steam for PC on November 3. An original sandbox adventure with an engineering theme is available from Filament Games. By creating robots to assist helpless humanity, players must complete a series of tasks in the game. They may also create original robot designs and build them, overcome strange hurdles, show off their inventions to others, and practice a little programming. RoboCo is also coming for VR in 2023 where players can play in Desktop Mode, VR, or both.

Use your skills and program your own Robot in RoboCo

Players in RoboCo are given total freedom to construct anything they can think of, exercising their ingenuity and technical skills to design robots that can tackle humanity’s most urgent and important challenges. The problem is not simply creating a robot that drives, grabs, or chops, but one that does it effectively without doing too much damage, whether it be to deliver sandwiches or to make a romantic date night a little less uncomfortable.

roboco screenshot
Image via Filament Games

Robots may be constructed using ready-made constructions, while gamers looking for a more immersive experience can build robots entirely from scratch. There are no restrictions on the inventiveness players may have, whether it be something large, little, or shaped like a frog.

Though there may be some trial and error, with a little bit of problem-solving, the robots will soon start moving, albeit not always in a straight route. Advanced engineers may even automate their robots’ operations while they unwind by using the robust Python scripting language. The community workshop’s robot-sharing tools also let users contribute their original works!

Roboco will be available to prospective engineers when it releases on Steam on November 3. For more updates, follow Roboco on Twitter and YouTube Check out the dev blogs on Steam for development updates, and join the community on Discord to get in on the conversation.

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