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Roller Drama is releasing on January 26 for PC, mobile, and console platforms

Manage the top athletes and their lives

Roller Drama is a narrative-driven sports and adventure game in which you take control of a squad of five Roller Derby competitors with complex characters and act as their coach and, ideally, their buddy. Using a combination of strategy and real-time controls, you’ll be able to manage full-contact matches on skates. Team results and personal disasters are both a part of the narrative. The game is releasing for PC, mobile, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox platforms on January 26.

Play as a coach of five brilliant athletes in Roller Drama

Players in Roller Drama take on the part of Joan, a character who lives in the same house with five other characters—Anne, Portia, Pippi, Cordelia, and Juliet—who serve as the athletes’ coach and, presumably, companions. They have just recently put together a premier Roller Derby squad.

roller drama team
Image via Open Lab Games

Portia is technically the “guardian” of the property; the other individuals squatted in the run-down structure. As the best athletes in the group build deep personal ties and the group navigates rivalries and love stories, the players have the responsibility of trying to function as a balancing force.

In the setting of the game, living a normal existence is difficult due to the political and environmental issues that interfere with people’s complicated daily lives. The game’s universe is a somewhat modified view of the world we live in today, with the same issues but more blatant expressions of them.

Experience different outcomes with different narrative choices in Roller Drama

The gameplay has an interactive storyline with important decisions that may alter the course of the game. Additionally, it comes with a world that the players are free to explore in any way they see fit. The story and the matches may be played repeatedly, but each championship is distinct, with several possible endings.

roller drama narrative
Image via Open Lab Games

In addition to that, there is completely generative real-time matchplay included in the game. Deck-building mechanisms, which are dictated by player decisions and the outcomes of games, are also included in the game. Additionally, the game includes beautiful hand-drawn art, full controller support, nine languages, and cloud saves.

Players take control of a squad of roller derby competitors, each of whom has a unique personality, in this game that combines storytelling and sports competition elements. Using a combination of strategy and real-time controls, they can manage full-contact matches on skates. Team results and personal disasters are both a part of the narrative.

Roller Drama: Release date

The game will be released on January 26 for PC, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation4, and Xbox. Players can wishlist the game from Steam. For more information, visit the official website of the game.

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