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RevoLand is a MOBA where players can earn through NFTs, out now on Android and iOS

Take on enemies in 3v3 or Solo battles

Here’s another MOBA on the blockchain with NFTs and crypto where players can play to earn rewards that can be converted to real money. RevoLand by Chain X Games also advertises itself as a game with potential for esports events and really challenging gameplay. 

Engage in team-based gameplay in RevoLand

The game features team based gameplay as teams of three take to the arena in game modes like  Sacred Fruit Battle, Toys R Us team battle, Ace duel, Red Dead Redemption bounty fight and others (yes, the names of the modes reference other games and a toy store for some reason). There’s four separate classes too as players can pick characters belonging to the Fighter, Flanker, Gunner and Support class.

Image via Chin X Game

The game is free to start out with 

Players can earn from the game without paying as the game is free to start out with and three heroes are given to the player when they first get into the game. By taking part in battles, players can get $LAND tokens and players will have to invest in loot boxes for more heroes that can actually be created and sold on the game’s marketplace unlike the free starter heroes. 

MOBAs are yet another genre that can commonly be seen on the blockchain hosting these NFT/Crypto based P2E games and we’ve seen Superpower Squad and Golden Bros work on a similar framework. Players can refer to the official website for more information of the game’s blockchain elements and gameplay and download it through the Play Store or iOS app store.

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