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Resident Evil Showcase October 2022: Complete list of announcements

Every major announcements from the event

Capcom hosted the latest Resident Evil Showcase on October 20, 2022 which featured the release of new trailers and new information regarding the new and upcoming Resident Evil games and DLCs. The announcements include new trailer for Resident Evil 4 remake, Resident Evil Re:Verse launch trailer, and many more. Here is a complete list of announcements made at the Resident Evil Showcase October 2022.

1. A new trailer for The Winters’ Expansion

The show started with a new trailer of the upcoming Resident Evil Village DLC expansion. The expansion features the story of Rosemary Winters, the daughter of Ethan. During her journey of returning to the Realm of Consciousness, Rose will fight several creepy and spooky enemies. The expansion aims to give a perfect ending to the saga of the Winters family in Resident Evil.

The Winters’ Expansion will be released on 28 October along with the Gold Edition of Resident Evil Village. The expansion can also be bought separately.

2. The Mercenaries mode is coming to Resident Evil Village

The Winters’ Expansion will also bring the classic arcade style Mercenaries mode. This mode will introduce new playable lords including Lady Dimitrescu, Chris Redfield, and Karl Heisenberg. Players can play the game from the point of view of the lords, which is going to be very different from playing as a human.

3. Resident Evil Re:Verse is releasing later this month

A new launch trailer was released for the upcoming multiplayer shooter mode Resident Evil Re: Verse. The mode was initially supposed to be released with Resident Evil Village. It is finally releasing on October 28th. This mode will be free for all owners of the Resident Evil Village.

The mode will feature 6 survivors, 5 creatures, 2 stages, a challenge mission, and a battle pass. Capcom has announced that they will be bringing regular updates to the game. Capcom also released a road map for the content update of Resident Evil Re: Verse.

4. Resident Evil Village is coming to Mac

Capcom has announced that Resident Evil Village will be released for Mac on October 28th. The Winters’ Expansion will be also released for Mac at a later date which is yet to be announced. Additionally, selected Resident Evil games are getting Nintendo Switch Cloud versions. Resident Evil 2’s cloud version is releasing on November 11, Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil 7 cloud versions will be released on November 18 and December 16 respectively.

5. Resident Evil 4 remake gets new trailers

Resident Evil 4 gameplay trailer was released by Capcom in the Resident Evil Showcase 2022. The trailer showed us new versions of the iconic Resident Evil 4 scenes including iconic moments of Leon and even the Chainsaw Man. Capcom also released a cinematic trailer featuring Ada, Ashley, and other characters from the iconic scenes of Resident Evil 4.

Pre-registration of Resident Evil 4 remake has already started from today. The pre-registration is now available for PC, PlayStation5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X/S. The game will be officially released on March 24, 2023 according to the announcements made at the Resident Evil Showcase October 2022.

What are your thoughts on all the announcements made at the Resident Evil Showcase 2022 event? Let us know in the comments below!

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