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Ragnarok Begins global version enters pre-registration, closed beta now live

Set onto a profound journey

Ragnarok Begins is a new side-scrolling MMORPG in the Ragnarok IP. The game is cross-platform and compatible with both PC and mobile devices. On October 14th the game developer Gravity has started a 5-day closed beta for the title Ragnarok Begins and the pre-registration is live on the official website. The test is scheduled to go through October 19, 12 AM PT, and it began on October 14, 2 PM PT.

Take on exciting fights against enemies in Ragnarok Begins

Players assume the role of the game’s hero and start off on a mission to battle enigmatic creatures in Ragnarok Begins, which is situated in the fictitious land of Midgard. Epic characters and design elements from the Ragnarok IP are featured in the game. A side-scrolling, arcade-style MMORPG has been created that incorporates all the greatest aspects of the Ragnarok realm.

The game’s central experience is a profound journey with a vast narrative. As players continue to solve mysteries and resolve problems, the tale develops. Players will be able to participate in ranked bouts and group PVP in the Arena of Valhalla. Because of the game’s cross-platform functionality, users may use the same account to sync their gaming between PCs and mobile devices.

ragnarok begins gameplay
Image via Gravity

Players have total control over the fighting system in the game, which is filled with excitement. A player’s character may be upgraded and healed using various potions and goods.

Like many RPGs, this one has a talent tree with options for each position. Along with armor and accessory modifications, weapon customizations and upgrades are also available. The game allows users to join a guild through which they may participate in guild activities, similar to the majority of online games.

Earn exciting rewards by taking part in the CBT and pre-registration for Ragnarok Begins

From October 14 at 4:00 p.m. (western US time) through October 18, the North American Closed Beta will be accessible. Through three different sorts of events to mark the North American Closed beta, Gravity provides a plethora of advantages. 10 randomly selected individuals with a perfect daily log-in within the time period will get an E-gift card worth $50.

Two players who have reached Base Level 50 or higher will be given an E-gift card worth $500 as a prize through a raffle as part of a level accomplishment objective event. Additionally, there will be a pre-registration event where 10 people that pre-registered on the official Ragnarok Begins website will be chosen at random and awarded a $50 E-gift card.

The pre-registration for Ragnarok Begins is already live with closed beta is up on Android and iOS. Visit the official website for registering yourself and also to receive more info about the game.

What are your thoughts on Ragnarok Begins closed beta? Let us know in the comments below!

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