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PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2022: Format, participating teams, and more

32 teams going head-to-head

The complete roster of teams competing in the 2022 PUBG Global Championship (PGC), the top esports competition that will name the ultimate winners of the PUBG Esports season, has been made public by KRAFTON, Inc. The world’s top 32 professional PUBG Esports teams will fight for a portion of a $2 million USD prize pool at PGC 2022, the year’s final PUBG Esports competition, which will take place as a worldwide in-person LAN event in Dubai from November 1–20. In this article, we will cover the complete tournament overview of the PUBG Global Championship 2022.

PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2022: Tournament Format

Group Stage

Weekly Group Stage matches will decide the Winner and Loser brackets for the 32 teams, who have been divided into two groups of 16 teams (A and B). Each group will play a total of 15 matches over the course of three days. Each group’s top eight teams will be put in a winners bracket, while each group’s lowest eight teams will be placed in a losers bracket.

Winners Bracket

Following the Group Stage, the top eight teams from the 16 teams competing in the Winners Bracket will receive a straight entry into the Grand Final. This competition will take place over the course of 10 matches spread over two days. For a second opportunity to advance to the Grand Final stage, the worst eight teams from the Winners Bracket will be sent to the Losers Bracket 2.

Losers Bracket Phase 1 and 2

The bottom eight teams from Groups A and B will make up the first phase of the Losers Bracket. Ten games will be played over two days in this round, with the top eight teams moving on to Losers Bracket 2 and the lowest seven teams moving on to the Grand Survival stage. The losers bracket’s bottom squad will be the one to go.

The lowest eight teams from the Winners Bracket and the top eight teams from Losers Bracket 1 will compete against one another in 10 matches over the course of two days to make up the final Losers Bracket. Seats in the Grand Final will only be given to the top four teams. The Grand Survival stage will be reached by the 12 remaining teams.

Grand Survival

The Grand Survival round is the last opportunity for competing teams to advance to the 16 Grand Finals teams who will face off for the PGC 2022 championship. Twelve teams from Losers Bracket 2 and seven teams from Losers Bracket 1 compete in the Grand Survival, with the worst three teams from Losers Bracket 1 placed on a waiting list. There will only be four opportunities to advance to the Grand Finals from the Grand Survival. The team that wins the Chicken Dinner in each game advances, and the subsequent team in line joins the 15 other teams.

Grand Final

The top teams in 2022 will eventually face off against one another when the Grand Survival stage is through, with the winning team taking home the PGC 2022 throne. Over the course of four days, there will be twenty matches in the Grand Final. The new winners of the PUBG Global Championship will be whichever team finishes first in the standings list!

PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2022: Participating teams

Group A

pgc 2022 group a
Image via Krafton
  • Twisted Minds
  • Soniqs
  • CERBERUS Esports
  • Entropiq
  • Yaho
  • Tianba Esports
  • Natus Vincere
  • Baegopa
  • 22 Esports
  • ShuaiGeDui
  • Danawa e-sports
  • Global Esports Xsset

Group B

pgc 2022 group b
Image via Krafton
  • Petrichor Road
  • Question Mark
  • eUnited
  • Daytrade Gaming
  • 17GAMING
  • FaZe Clan
  • Wildcard Gaming
  • Buriram United Esports
  • Gen.G
  • Polish Power
  • Luminosity Gaming
  • The Expendables
  • TakeMeAway Gaming
  • BBL Esports

PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2022: Schedule

The schedule of the PUBG Global Championship 2022 is as follows:

  • Group Stage: November 1-6
  • Winners Bracket: November 8-9
  • Losers Bracket Phase 1: November 10-11
  • Losers Bracket Phase 2: November 12-13
  • Grand Survival: November 14
  • Grand Final: November 17-20

Where to watch?

All the matches of the PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2022 will be live-streamed on the official YouTube and Twitch channels of PUBG. For the latest information about PUBG Esports, please visit the official website of PUBG Esports.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming tournament PUBG Global Championship 2022? Comment down below and let us know!

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