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PUBG Developer is planning a extraction shooter like Escape From Tarkov

Studio to work on extraction shooter after scrapping of PUBG sequel.

Krafton, the company behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, reported that it is developing a new game codenamed “Project Black Budget,” which is an extraction shooter similar to Escape from Tarkov and Warzone 2: DMZ.

According to the report by The Loadout, Project Black Budget was mentioned in the most recent financial report of the parent company Krafton. The report described the project as “challenging ourselves to popularise the extraction shooter genre based on our PUBG production and service experience.”

Krafton also has other games in production like Subnautica Sequel

As per the report, the document describes the game as having an “ever-changing PvPvE open-world with gratifying gunplay that creates unpredictable and interesting encounters.” Krafton is looking to make the game available on PC, Consoles, and mobile on launch. The game will be developed by PUBG Studios.

Nothing is known about the future of Project BlackBudget at this time, including whether or not it will be executed, or under what name. Notably, Krafton has tons of games already in development, so the Tarkov rival might not be the studio’s primary priority right now. They also purchased Subnautica Developer unknown world in 2021 and a sequel to the survival adventure game is currently reported to be in development.

escape from tarkov screenshot
Image via Battlestate Games

Project GoldRush and Project Windless are the codenames for two other unnamed games currently under development. Project GoldRush is a live-service action-adventure sandbox “aimed squarely at the Western market,” while Project Windless is a dark fantasy game based on the popular South Korean web book The Bird That Drinks Tears.

With Escape from Tarkov as its flag bearer, extraction shooters have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. Activision has released its free-to-download take on the battle royale genre with DMZ, a part of Warzone 2.0. So, seems like PUBG Studios would bring their take to capitalize on the rising popularity of the genre and would like it to be as popular as their battle royale game.

The game will likely be targeting a 2024 or 2025 release. It does look like Krafton will be releasing a number of games in the upcoming 2-3 years and expanding their portfolio after releasing Callisto Protocol last year.

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