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Project LLL: Gameplay details, release date, system requirements, and more

A new sci-fi MMO shooter game is coming your way

NCSoft has revealed their new AAA-grade third-person MMO shooter game Project LLL. In a recent nine-minute-long gameplay trailer and an article, NCSoft has revealed clips from the original gameplay along with several other pieces of information about the game for PC and console platforms. The game is said to combine different play styles and elements from NCSoft’s previous games. This article will discuss everything you need about Project LLL, including its release date, platform availability, system requirements, pre-order details, and many more.

Set out in devasted Seoul from both the past and future

Project LLL is an open-world sci-fi game, which will also have an alternative history in it and be set in a post-apocalyptic Seoul, with lore from the 10th-century Byzantine Empire and the 23rd century.

project lll world
Image via NCSoft

In the interview, Seeder Jaehyun Bae, the game’s project leader, revealed that Project LLL would be set in a vast open world of more than 30km of land. NCSoft will connect the world to a single environment, and the game features “a procedural creation method to provide content that reacts appropriately to the player’s situation instead of playing preset content on repeat within the open world environment.”

Project LLL will feature humans, mutants, and powerful demons from different eras and vehicles, including ATVs and helicopters. The game will also feature a wide range of guns like Assault Rifles, Snipers, and Shotguns, and a variety of attachments like grips, holographic sights, ACOGs and high-powered scopes, laser sights, suppressors, and other muzzle attachments.

project lll korea
Image via NCSoft

The game will be a first of its kind and a unique blend of shooter and MMO, where the players will have different game experiences from the third-dimensional space and can “work together or compete against each other by utilizing the two elements of ‘action’ that target and shoot at opponents and fractionalize and occupy ‘space’ within the environment.”

Project LLL will have a realistic shooting mechanism that will provide the players with a realistic feel of the tactical movements. NCSoft simulated the gun mechanics from the action and mechanics of several real-life weapons.

project lll gameplay
Image via NCSoft

The novels like Foundation and Dune have inspired the game, and Seeder Jaehyun Bae was “influenced by the novels of Philip K. Dick. I tried to develop the story with themes of technology, human justice, and alternate history as shown in Blade Runner, Total Recall, The Man in the High Castle, etc.

Each character in Project LLL will have its unique characteristics, name, and background storyThe story of the game will emphasize revealing the personality of each character. 

Project LLL: system requirements

The developers have yet to reveal any information regarding the system requirements of Project LLL. We will update this article as soon as any new information is released.

Project LLL: release date and platform availability

NCSoft has yet to confirm the release date of Project LLL but has revealed that they are targeting a release in 2024 globally on PC and console.

What do you think about NCSoft’s upcoming MMO shooter game Project LLL? Let us know in the comments section.

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