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Project L: Developer update, character showcase, gameplay mechanics, and more

New and juicy updates from Riot games

Riot Games, the creators of the popular MOBA game League of Legends, had recently announced a new project called Project L. This free-to-play game is aimed at bringing the world of League of Legends to life in the form of a fighting game. Riot Games recently released a nearly 7-minute video update which we are going to dig into today.

Project L, which is currently in development, will feature a roster of popular characters from the League of Legends universe. Players will be able to control these characters and battle against each other in fast-paced, action-packed fights.

Projoct L Dev Diary: Developer’s Updates

This is the second update from the developers which involved a video showcasing their progress and development on Project L. Their first update was back in August of 2022 where they announced that the game would be Free to play. Compared to this first reveal, the visuals we see now appear to be much more vivid and colourful which is an exciting development.  

The developers stated that while the game’s combat was initially set to be a 1v1, they have now modified it to be a 2v2 tag team, assist based game.  

If you aren’t sure what a tag team assist based game is, it’s basically a genre that features two characters that team up against opponents to complete objectives or defeat enemies. Tag team assist based games typically have a very strong focus on teamwork and cooperation, and they often require players to master a large variety of skills in order to succeed. Tag team assist based games can be very challenging, but they can also be very rewarding if players can work well together and master the gameplay mechanics, combos and timing sequences necessary to beat tough challenges.

Character Showcase

Project L, Project L Gameplay
Image via Riot Games

The gameplay video also showcased several champions such as Ahri, Darius, Ekko, and Jinx. Another character “Illaoi” who was shown in the August developer update was also seen in this reveal but the character is still heavily in development though she is now “in an early playable form.”

Project L, Project L Ilalio
Image via Riot Games

Project L Dev Diary: Gameplay Developments

Extensive Mobility Mechanics

One of the aspects highlighted by the developers were the amount of mobility options that the game has which gives players a lot of freedom and flexibility. Characters have a wide range of movement options such as walk, run, dash, chain dash and jump, long jump and super jump. They also mentioned that many character also will have unique air mobility movement options.

Tag-Team Assist Based Mechanics:

The update video explained 3 important mechanics which are as follows:

Assist Actions

This is apparently the “bread and butter” of gameplay. Each champion has 2 that can be performed from off screen. The assist action button can also be held to perform a charged attack.

Handshake Tag

The Handshake Tag allows players to quickly switch between characters while both are on screen at the same time. It can be used after a successful assist Action to get an unexpected boost of damage and pull of combo moves.

Dynamic Save

More easily understood as a combo breaker. You are able to call your assist champion to save your main champion (also referred to as the point champion) to stop the enemy from carrying out long combo.

Release Date

As of now, Riot Games haven’t provided any information on when Project L will release but we do know that it is coming sometime in 2023. Riot games also haven’t mentioned which platforms the game will be coming to, but one can speculate that it is very likely to be on PC.

Which of these details are you excited about the most in Project L? Comment down below!

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