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League of Legends and TFT for SEA region will be published by Riot Games as Garena deal ends

SEA region is getting the much needed attention

In January 2023, Riot Games will start self-publishing League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics in Southeast Asia after a 12-year cooperation with Garena. Southeast Asian gamers have come to love League throughout the years since Riot initially introduced it in 2009. By self-publishing, Riot Games is assuring that Southeast Asian players will have the same League and TFT experiences as gamers from other parts of the world.

Riot Games is working extensively on reaching out to gamers globally

Riot Games announced that they will be putting even more emphasis on reaching out to gamers globally, particularly in the Asia-Pacific areas due to its transformation into a multi-game company. In light of this, Riot Games have made the decision to sever its relationship with Garena and start self-publishing their games in the Asia-Pacific region. League and TFT will soon join VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra, and League of Legends: Wild Rift as self-published titles in the area.

Riot Games will increase their efforts in nations like Japan and India where they currently publish as a result of their new organization in the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, Riot Games is now setting up additional local offices in important nations including the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Players in these nations can anticipate a dedicated Riot office whose sole goal is to produce hyper-local experiences by adjusting the games to the specific needs of players in each nation and the area as a whole.

riot server launch
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Southeast Asian gamers will be more fully included in the Riot ecosystem. That covers a wide range of activities, from significant in-game occasions and cross-product promotions to fan-favourite rules like art for RP, and much more. Players will also have access to Riot publishing services like localization, billing, and player support which will help to improve players’ experiences in impactful ways.

Players can start migrating to Riot Game Client from next week

The contract between Riot Games and Garena will end on January 2023. That means Riot Games will take over League and TFT publishing in Southeast Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, and Vietnam) once the contract has ended. At that moment, Garena servers will likewise stop working. Riot and Garena are collaborating closely on an account migration method that will be accessible to everyone on November 18, 2022, in order to guarantee that players migrate and maintain their existing account data in time.

Players will need to switch their accounts over to Riot from Garena. Players that transfer their accounts to Riot will be given a variety of in-game incentives as a welcome present! In order to improve the player experience even further, Riot Games is also organizing various welcome parties and neighbourhood activities.

Players can transfer everything from their Garena account to the new one

Riot Games assured that every player will retain everything from their previous account after the transition. Here are all the things that would be retained in the accounts:

  1. Cosmetic Content
  2. Loot Inventory
  3. RP
  4. Champion Mastery, Eternals, Level
  5. Summoner Name
  6. Friends List

For more queries, APAC League and TFT players can now contact Riot Player Support directly through the in-game player support function. Player Support teams can also be reached via Riot Games Player Support.

What are your thoughts on the transition from Garena to Riot Games Client? Let us know in the comments below!

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