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Princess Diaries 3: Release date, Plot, Cast and more

The iconic Mia Thermopolis is going to be back, yet again!

If one is a kid, a teen, or basically anyone who watched movies back at the beginning of the 21st century, you will have heard of the iconic The Princess Diaries movie. Based on and inspired by a young adult novel of the same name by Meg Cabot released in the year 2000, The Princess Diaries became an iconic pop culture movie and a cult classic. As per the latest news, it has been announced that a Princess Diaries 3 is in the works, albeit in the early stages.

Princess Diaries 3: Release date

Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway
Image via Disney

The news is still relatively as fresh as hot bread straight out of the oven and all news that is not official is mostly speculation at this point. Although there have been no hints about a possible release date, we can expect one once the initial stages of the movie have been shot and worked on. People are getting impatient for the announcement and understandably so given the fame of the franchise.

Princess Diaries 3: Plot

The premise of Princess Diaries is that of a young teen who is coming of age and is living in America oblivious to the fact that she is the heir to the monarchy of a small European state called Genovia. Once she becomes aware of her heritage, Mia Thermopolis, the protagonist played by Anne Hathaway takes tutelage under the Queen of Genovia, who is her grandmother and is faced with the task of choosing to be an heir or renounce her heritage.

Princess Diaries, Anne Hathaway
Image via Disney

While that’s the basic plot the whole franchise stemmed from, the story has come further along now. The second installment in the series deals with antics regarding Mia, which is getting engaged in a royal marriage in the state of Genovia. There has been no revelation as of yet about the plot of Princess Diaries 3, but we can assume that it will be along the same lines, that is, a stage of Mia’s life as a queen sometime after the events of the earlier films.


Given the fact that the movie is still in its infancy in terms of development, there have been no announcements as to what the cast might be. We still do not know whether Anne Hathaway will reprise her role as the protagonist Mia Thermopolis, and if she doesn’t, it will indeed be a huge loss for the movie. But what we know is that we won’t see Julie Andrews playing Queen Clarisse as she already confirmed that she won’t reprise the role.

Final Thoughts

Like everyone else, we are also extremely stoked to finally be getting a sequel to the Princess Diaries series. A generational rom-com that became a cult classic, it is definitely a piece of media many of us like to associate our childhood with as well. Thus, we cannot wait to see how the movie will turn out to be.

Have you seen The Princess Diaries? Are you excited about Princess Diaries 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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