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PlayStation Stars: Release date, How to join, Earn rewards, Status, and more

A new loyalty program for the members

Sony has officially announced the launch of PlayStation Stars in Asia today. PlayStation Stars is a new loyalty program by Sony. It is free to join the program, meaning anyone with a PlayStation account can join it. Although PlayStation Plus members will receive certain benefits, it is not mandatory to have a PlayStation Plus account to become a member of the PlayStation Stars program. With the PlayStation Stars program, gamers may earn exclusive points that can be used for exclusive collectables and in-game shop purchases.

How to earn rewards in PlayStation Stars

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The PlayStation Stars program is going to run a variety of campaigns and activities. The members can earn loyalty points or digital collectables by completing these campaigns. The “Monthly Check-In” requires the player to simply log in and play any game to receive rewards.

In certain campaigns, participants must obtain particular trophies or even be among the first players in their country or region to platinum a popular game.

The campaigns will be regularly updated and the members can check the PlayStation App to find out about new and upcoming campaigns.

How to join the PlayStation Stars program

PlayStation Stars is free for everyone with a PlayStation account. There are no requirements for buying the PlayStation Plus subscription in order to be a member of the newly launched program. Although, PlayStation Stars members with a PlayStation Plus account will enjoy extra benefits.

The PlayStation Stars program is completely accessible through the PlayStation App on Android and iOS. Interested members can also get access to the program from the official website of PlayStation. The program will be expanded to console devices in the future.

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All PlayStation Stars Rewards

There are two types of rewards in the PlayStation Stars program digital collectables and loyalty points.

  • Loyalty Points: It can be redeemed to receive PSN wallet funds, and exclusive digital collectables and can also select PlayStation Store products. PlayStation Plus members will receive additional points for each purchase on PlayStation Stores.
  • Digital collectables: These are exquisitely designed, digital reproductions of famous characters from games on PlayStation. New digital collectables will be added constantly for the players to collect them. Although, these collectables are only exclusive to PlayStation Stars. They have no real-world value like other blockchain collectables. As a result, these cannot be sold or traded. Players can showcase their collection on the PlayStation App.

PlayStation Stars: How to redeem points

Points can be used to redeem items in the player’s Rewards Catalog, which may include digital collectables, games, or digital PSN wallet funds. To redeem points, go to PlayStation App > Player Profile > Playstation Stars > Rewards Catalog.

The points balance can be found on PlayStation App under the Player Profile / PlayStation Stars Points History.

Status level

PlayStation Stars program features four status levels. Members can reach these status levels by completing campaigns and activities. The status levels can also be obtained by reaching milestones. Buying more games from the PlayStation Store will also reward the members with additional points to upgrade their status level. PlayStation Stars provides more perks and benefits on the higher status levels,

LevelsLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
MilestonesJoined PlayStation Stars, started playing and completing campaigns.Bought one full game from PlayStation Store, earned one uncommon trophy.Bought two full games from PlayStation Store, earned 32 uncommon trophies.Bought four full games from PlayStation Store, earned 128 uncommon trophies
BenefitsGet access to digital collectibles by completing campaigns. Receive a celebration collectible.Receive a Level 2 celebration collectible and access to all collectibles from Level 1.Receive a Level 3 celebration collectible and a birthday collectible.Receive a celebration collectible, chat priority routing and retain all collectibles from Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Once players reach a status level, they will stay at that level for the remainder of the calendar year plus an additional 13 months.

PlayStation Stars launch date for all regions

PlayStation Stars service will gradually expand to other regions as a part of the regional loyalty program. Below are the following launch dates for PlayStation Stars:

  • Asia, including Japan: September 29 (local time)
  • North and South America: October 5 (local time)
  • Europe, Australia, and New Zealand: October 13 (local time)

What are your thoughts on the launch of PlayStation Stars? Let us know in the comments below!

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