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PAYDAY 3: Release date, Gameplay details, System requirements, and more

More thrilling and gut-wrenching heists

PAYDAY 3 is finally coming. After 10 long years, the long-awaited sequel to the immensely popular co-op FPS game PAYDAY 2 is finally coming to light. Starbreeze Studios kicked this year off with a massive surprise for PAYDAY fans by dropping a logo reveal video on youtube. This article will discuss everything we know about PAYDAY 3, which includes the release date, gameplay details, system requirements, platforms, pre-order details, and more!

The sequel was officialized in September last year after the studio started developing the game in 2019 using Ubisoft‘s Unreal engine. According to the devs, the game is set to release this year following the return of the original four members of the Payday Gang, Dallas, Wolf, Chains, and Hoxton. PAYDAY fans are certainly in for some nerve-wrenching coordinated heists this year.

A New Criminal Dawn is coming

Coming out of retirement, the original four members of the Payday Gang, Dallas, Wolf, Chains, and Hoxton, are back in the heist business, and this time it is taking place in New York City. After their infamous exploits in Washington DC, they are back to “deal with the threat that roused them out of early retirement,” according to the game’s steam page.

According to the devs, the game is going to have more coordinated heists. The devs want NYC, the city targeted by the PAYDAY gang this time to be “enormous” and “living,” meaning they want to make it as lively as possible. The gameplay is set to have more realistic aspects and will be more modernized than PAYDAY 2.

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Image via Starbreeze Studios

The game will reportedly have modern technologies like high-tech gadgets, cryptocurrencies, hacking and surveillance features, etc. The developers also wish to make the game more strategy and tactics based. They also plan to incorporate more violence into the game.

Platforms and pre-order details

PAYDAY 3 will be released in 2023 on PC and other Consoles, namely PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The publishers are yet to announce anything about pre-orders, so keep an eye on this article to get notified once the pre-orders are made available. Viewers are recommended to wishlist PAYDAY 3 on Steam to get notified about the game’s whereabouts.

PAYDAY 3: System requirements for PC

The developers haven’t yet disclosed the system requirements for the game. So make sure to keep an eye on this article as it gets updated regularly.

PAYDAY 3 release date

The publishers haven’t yet announced a release date for PAYDAY 3. Stay tuned to our website to get notified the moment the date gets announced. Gamers can also keep an eye on the relevant communities and the game’s steam page for more future updates.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming game PAYDAY 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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