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Overwatch 2 guide: How to get Overwatch Coins for free

Earn premium currency for free!

Overwatch 2 has completely shifted away from the loot box style monetization. Blizzard decided to make a boxed product with the original Overwatch, but the Overwatch 2 is now free to play, and with that, they have added a battle pass that players can buy and earn rewards. The game has added a new currency called Overwatch Coin and in this article, we’ll discuss how a player can earn it for free.

With all these changes, the old overwatch currency has also been reworked. The old overwatch currency is now called Legacy Credits. These credits can be used on certain items, but you can no longer earn legacy credit.

How to Get Overwatch Coin in Overwatch 2 for free

All the items and cosmetics in Overwatch 2 cost a new currency called Overwatch Coin. The battle pass also needs to be bought with Overwatch Coin. The Premium Battle Pass costs 1000 overwatch coins which are worth 10$.

Overwatch 2 weekly challenge
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There is actually a way to earn Overwatch Coin for free in the game. As you can see in the picture, there are different types of challenges you can complete to gain XP towards the battle pass level. But, you can complete some weekly challenges to earn Overwatch Coins.

On the right side, it outlines how many challenges you need to complete to earn the corresponding coins. So, if you complete 4 weekly challenges, you will get 30 Overwatch Coins. After completing 8 weekly challenges, you will get 20 more coins.

And finally, if you complete all the weekly challenges which there are 11, you will get 10 more coins. That makes it a total of 60 Overwatch coins per week. This is the only way for free-to-play players to gain overwatch coins in the game.

How long does it take for F2P to buy a Battle Pass with the free Overwatch coins

Since the weekly challenges are the only way to earn Overwatch Coin, you need to make sure you do these challenges every week. Every week you can get up to 60 Overwatch Coins. Thus, to get 1000 coins, you need to complete 1000 divided by 60, which is roughly 17 weeks of challenges.

Overwatch 2: How to Get Overwatch Coin?, How long it takes to buy premium battle pass, Overwatch coin
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A season in Overwatch 2 consists of 9 weeks. So even if you complete all the weekly challenges, you can only get the battle pass for free every other season. And in case you miss the weekly challenge on one week, you can only buy the Battle Pass after 2 seasons.

What are your thoughts on the way of earning Overwatch Coins in Overwatch 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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